Pants Not Required

#1 - A Ragtag Crew

You all find yourself near the docks of Guildport looking for work, you’ve been trying all morning to find a ship to take you on and lead you off into adventure. But so far no luck, each of you had separately been told by some inn-keepers, ship hands, or dock workers, that some dwarf captain of a transport cargo ship is looking for crew members.

You see the dwarf standing on a couple boxes there in front of the ship you’ve heard is called the “Axe of Justification” He is dressed in ragged clothes, a long bushy beard with a braid down the middle and a copper ring at the end, and on top his head a hat that you can identify as a sort of cliche sailors hat he also has a pistol in the left side of his belt and and empty loop on the right side of his belt would normally hold the cutlass he is currently waving around while yelling at people moving boxes onto the ship.

After the players finish boarding and the ship starts sailing away the bugbear crew member comes up to the captain carrying a beardless dwarf by the shirt and interrupts what the captain is saying to the party.

“I found him hiding behind some crates, wouldn’t have noticed him if he hadn’t knocked three of them over as I was leaving the cargo hold”

Captain replies “Who are you, why did you stow away on my ship?!”
Evan’s character mentioned that the captain is his cousin
“oh I…I have no idea what you’re talking about. You must have me confused with another dwarf… we all look alike you know…”

The party docks at Dragonport, a Sadoran guard comes on board. “Let me see your Pass Port Documents” captain hands them over.

“They are in order, and it says here you need to pick up some extra cargo.”

The party continues on and runs into some trouble walking through the dwarf district because of the parties drow.

Evan’s dwarf diplomicises with him and the party carries on to the trade district to pick up the extra cargo, the guard outside the shop only lets the captain in and 2 of his crew. Erica’s character sneaks in and sees the captain dodging arrow bolts and the 2 others dead against the walls.

#2 - First Encounters

This is the first encounter of the group! Learning combat, hoorah!

The guard stopping the party from entering Bob’s Emporium decided to strike out at the party, this turned out poorly for him as the party continued to try to gain entry by knocking on the door repeatedly with the guard’s body. Meanwhile the pixie, that most of the party is still unaware of, snuck past the guard and under the door then started to take potshots at the archers waiting to ambush the party. Captain Stone-hammer’s luck ran out after dodging all those arrows, just ended up slipping and knocking himself out on the table.

Finally the guard went down, the ‘dwarf’ Bane came bashing through the door, ran up to the archers and much to EVERYONE’s surprise the ‘dwarf’ spewed acid all over them. Then exploded.

The rest of the party came in and helped in making short work of the archers. More enemies showed up a mob of humans swarmed the party trying to attack the archers and their leader went off toward the rest of them.

Bane made easy work of the new mob that showed up and they all died, leaving only 2 archers and the leader of this group. Heru cursed the leader and then threw I huge spell at him and really really hurt him. Bashanu continues to have a wiffle-bat fight with the archers, mostly keeping them from using their bows and forcing them to attack him. They weren’t pleased with this and spent most of their time being knocked down and missing him, or being beaten. A couple archers landed some magnificent critical hits and brought Bashanu down! Bane went down as well but Nullshalee healed each of them and they were back to finish off the archers. Nullshalee also bashed the leader into the wall and knocked him to the ground, shortly after the party finished him off as well.

Now the party figured out there is a pixie in the group, what’s up with that?! And what’s up with that dwarf that spews acid and explodes? What set off this event with the mob, is it just the captain’s incompetence? AND what’s in store for next session? Spider-Sharks?!

#3 - Jailbreak!

This adventure the party locks up their newly acquired “Bob’s Emporium” and heads down to the docks. When the docks finally came into view, they found the boat wasn’t there! They were stopped by 2 guards and they accused the party of robbing shops and murdering innocents, the party was confused and tried running but when their escape was blocked off by more guards they gave in and went to the Guard HQ.

The party gets thrown into to 2 separate cells on the third floor of guard HQ the dwarves in one cell and the rest of the party in another. (there was a raggity old dwarf snoring loudly in the last cell) Their items were separated from them and Arebella the pixie successfully made it past the guard’s weapons search on the party where she was hiding. They waited around for the guard commander to come up and talk to them.

The party finds out that the guard might know a bit more than he is letting on about the groups current situation, and he leaves. The party plots their jailbreak.

Bashanu distracts the guard by insulting his intelligence, he comes over and Bowan picks his lock to set Bane free who tried and failed to put the guard into a sleeper hold (probably because he is half his size :P) Luckily Bashanu reacted fast and bashed the guards head into his cell bars.

Now that they have the cell keys Arebella scouts out downstairs to see if she can find where the weapons are being held. When she goes down the stairs she fails her stealth and is face to face with a guard, who is more than a little confused at what’s happening. She quickly bluffs that she is just lost and the guard just nods his head in confusion and lets the pixie get on her way. She notices the one guard working at his desk move a couple weapons he is cataloging in and out of the chest beside him. Arebella sneaked up to it and quite successfully picked the lock to the chest, opened it and hid inside. She grabbed the party’s gear, stuffed it in her pack, and snuck back upstairs.

When the party equipped again they went back downstairs, Arebella checked to see who is in the room and it’s still just the guard doing paperwork. Bashanu ran over to him and slammed his head off the desk knocking him out. A guard yelled up and asked “What’s happening up there?!” Heru bluffed and replied “I just broke a chair…” The guard replied “You should finally go on that diet you fat ass!”

With the room clean and no one has come up to investigate the party opens the windows and plans to jump out. Bashanu jumps out and lands gracefully as hell, the rest of the party follows with some bumps and bruises. Before the captain, Arebella, Heru, and Null hop out the windows next the party notices the guard who ran into Arebella earlier standing there staring completely shocked at what’s happening, he drops his coffee mug in surprise. Null bluffs and says “We’re just an illusion” and they hopped out the window. This poor guard is having the strangest Monday of his life, and he is never going to drink coffee again.

When the party lands on the ground they hide in an allyway near by and come up with a plan to go to a couple taverns to get more information. The dwarves go to Port Bar and the rest of the party goes to Shadey’s. After they find out some info they are going to meet back up at Bob’s Emporium at Sunset.

The party at Shadey’s finds a group of Drow, a party of humans causing some commotion, and a big strong guy with their back to the door who looks kind of like the guard commander. Null goes to chat with the three drow and find out that not only do they know where their ship is, one is a shapeshifter who is currently using Null’s shape. Null proposes a deal for more information on their ship so they can just get out of their hair, the drow call over their boss, the big strong man, who did in fact turn out to be the guard commander. He sits down at the table and tells the party that he was capturing them to either try and make them an ally or sell them into slavery, he wants to change who has power in the city. Currently the mafia has too much power and he wants that to shift in his favour so he wants the party to take care of one crime group he heard of down in the sewers. After that’s been dealt with he will share the information.

The dwarves find out at Port Bar that a rich dwarf is celebrating something, they all got free drinks, captain got angry about loosing his ship and threw a glass at the rich dwarf’s face, Bashanu made captain cry, Bane found out about the impounding dock where they move ships, and they got kicked out of the bar.

#4 - Into the sewers
I hope it doesn't smell that bad down there...

Once our heroes regroup they discuss their options.

Plan A. Never see the ship again and have everyone believe they’re dangerous criminals.
Plan B. Go down into the sewers, fight the Mafia boss and get information about their ship.

They decide to venture down into the sewer system. How bad could it be? Once in the sewers they follow the Guard Captains directions, go left and you’ll find a door. Arebella scouts ahead and Null keeps an eye out as her dark vision as a Drow is unmatched. They find their door and with no questions asked Chai Tea (The latest member of the group to randomly appear) attempts to bust the door down. With little luck after many tries Bashanu shows the door who’s boss with one punch. Inside the door is just another tunnel, but with a few rooms attached to it. Underneath the door is a poor guard who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a quick search of the rooms they find the Minotaur who is Captain Stone-Hammers trusted right hand man. They unchain him and chain up the guard before he awakes.

As they continue down the tunnel there is very little to look at or to hear. At least until they come to a split of the tunnel. They hear voices and see a faint light down the right hand tunnel. They go and find more unfortunate guards awaiting to be beaten. Once weakened one guard pleads for his life and tells the group that his boss is down the next tunnel and to the left. The heroes run, hoping to catch the Mafia boss. As they turn left they see him and his minions down the hall way. Bashanu decides to take the lead and runs head first down towards him. Bane states “well we better follow him I guess” and runs after him. The rest follow to what will be their toughest fight yet!

#5 - Vico Vicario
What could go wrong?

The heroes run into the room and proceed to bash around some minions. Vico Vicario exclaims “You fools!” he runs at the group. The Guard Captain never mentioned that Vicario was a talented and brutal fighter. He easily takes on the entire team with grace. He was so strong and intimidating, that Null was terrified into a corner, not knowing which end was up on her lute and therefore completely useless. Bashanu and Bane rushed in and put in as many hard hits as they could, while Areabella took out the minions with her trusty bow. Bowan (who had stayed behind at Bobs Emporium to work on an invention) caught up with the group and revealed the creation he had been working on; a new rifle!

All together (with crying from Null) the team nearly brought down Vicario! But he was not so easily beaten! He called for more minions and quickly drained them of their life force and became a slightly monstrous form of himself, with grey skin and glowing eyes. As the group watched the minions tear at their own faces and scream blood curdling screams, Vicario disappeared through a trap door in the floor.

The team descended down after him, and found themselves in cave. Upon one of the walls was a message written in draconic, which Bane deciphered. This cave appears to once have belonged to a dragon, might it still be lurking in the shadows?

#6 - Dark Cave of Old
Something's not right here.


There is an unnatural darkness to this cave. One feels trapped, even in their own mind.

The group comes to an intersection of different cave paths, they choose to go to the right, where they can see a faint light and the faint scent of smoke drifts past them. As they rounded a corner they are met with an unusual sight. Vico Vicario is knelt before a giant skull of a dragon. He’s created some sort of alter to it and seems to be praying to the long dead beast. Before him is a sword, a sword which light cannot go near, it radiates evil.

Our heroes question him, they want to know more about the sword. Bane in particular wants to know why he and he alone can hear a great roaring in his mind. Vicario tells them he will demonstrate what this great sword is. He quickly takes control of the minds of half of the party, leaving only a few to strike at him while their comrades attempt to destroy them. The battle is close but our heroes pull through. Vicario claims that he has what he needs and takes in the energy of our heroes, a great roar is heard. He disappears.

Suddenly the vision of three grow dark, Haru, Bane, and Null find themselves in darkness, confronted by a hooded woman. Bane and Heru kneel, they at once recognize the great Raven Queen. She speaks to them, tells them of the threat of the dragon that has now awoken and that they must destroy it. She also speaks to them alone in their minds. And with this she has shattered the very foundation on which one of these heroes has based their life upon. Will they be able to shake this unwanted news? Will the lives of others be put at risk so one might prove the very gods wrong?

#7 - The Rising Dead
The dead still create unease.


When our heroes tried to leave the cave system they found that their way out had collapsed. This left them with no choice but to explore the other passages. In an unnaturally dark passage they found a map with strange symbols but no exit. They went back to the fork in the cave to try the final path. As they walked down the path lit in a faint blue light the smell of decay grew strong. They at last entered the final chamber and were greeted by a tall pile of bodies in various states of decay. Some of these bodies appear to be members of the royal family. All of the blood from this monstrous pile was being drained out of the room to a location unknown.

After the initial shock our heroes realize that the chamber is lit with moon light from above the large pile of bodies. There is an opening to the outside world! Arebella flew up to see if everything was clear. Once it was she tied a rope up top and lowered it down, unfortunately there was only enough rope to reach the top of the pile. Owl bear tossed Heru up and quickly scaled the pile. With much hesitation from the others, Bowan charged up the pile only to sink part way. In an effort to help, Null ran forward but slipped into the blood river and ended with a face full of dead bodies. Bowan burst out of the bodies and ran the rest of the way. Bane had no troubles reaching the top and climbing out and Bashanu was kind enough to pick up Null on his graceful way to the top.

Our heroes has escaped! What’s more there seems to be a ship yard nearby and it might even contain the ship they have been looking for! What might they’re plans be now? Tune in to find out!

#8 - Here be Dragons!


After a quick rest and a chance to clean themselves of the dead, our heroes see that have ended up a ways out side of Dragon Port and near a ship yard. After some intensive searching by Arabella they find that Captain Stone Hammers ship is here, but currently is it blocked in by other ships. There is debate on what the next step is, so for now they go to clear their names with the Guard Captain back at Dragon Port.

The Guard Captain is right where they left him, drunk at Shady’s. The conversation is quick, but not without Bane voicing his clear dislike for the Guard. After a threatening promise they leave. Bane now wants to find out more about this evil sword he has taken from Vicario.

They head back into the Dwarven part of the city. Null donned such an excellent disguise, wanting to avoid another mishap with the dwarves, she was easily seen as a human. The group found themselves at Tim the enchanter. He quickly wanted nothing to do with the sword and its evil, but he was able to give them some advise, “Go to a church, they will help. But don’t go to one that is purely good.” Off they went. They found a temple to the Raven Queen, Bane went in alone and was able to gather some information on the sword. Outside the rest of the group watched as the streets quickly filled with panicked citizens. A town crier exclaimed “A dragon has been spotted north of Dargon Fall!”

They all followed the crowd. It lead to the Guard Captain who while still rather drunk was telling everyone to remain calm. He couldn’t say much about the dragon, but he wanted no one to worry. Our heroes decided that this was the dragon they awoke, one they must destroy. Needing not many supplies they set out right away, if they were quick they could be at Dragon Fall before the sunset.

As they approached Dragon Fall they could see that it was set ablaze. The dragon had already caused such destruction. To their right they heard a rumble. The trees began to shake. Out burst a skeletal dragon! Are our heroes ready to fight such a fearsome foe?

#9 - What now? Why Kobolds of course!


Never before have our heroes been in so much danger! A skeletal dragon is a mighty foe, but was it even a real dragon? Bane has his suspicions, but they must wait because real or not this giant foe was about to crush them.

Bashanu and Bane ran forward striking at the foe with their weapons dealing a reasonable amount of damage. Bowan created a mechanical fighter (name pylon) and began firing at the skeletal creature. Arabella took cover atop of Null’s head and unleashed arrows while Null cast a protective spell upon the party.

The dragon took many hits but seemed unphased. It shifted back and unleashed a mighty dragons breath of ice and frost. Bashanu and Bane took quite a bit of damage but their strength kept them going. Arabella avoided damage but Null suffered a number of injuries and was near to blacking out. The assault continued and then suddenly the dragon let out a strong burst of energy. This severely injured many, and Null fell in a frozen heap, unconscious and bleeding. With a member of the party down the team pushed back at the dragon harder, and it was starting to weaken. It wouldn’t be much longer. Arabella used pixie dust to move Null to safe distance beside Bowan and the fight continued. Even near death the spell Null had cast earlier was still working to protect the team from critical damage.

With a final mighty strike the dragon fell! Our heroes were tired and bloody, and they thought that was the end of their struggle. But it was not so. Bane’s suspicions of the dragon were right. From the rubble of the bones of a dragon came undead Kobolds with eyes of icy fire. Will our heroes be able to take on another foe so soon?

#10 - Should have picked the levitate ability


Kobolds. So many god damn Kobolds. They were simple enough to destroy at least. Bane took out 5 of the annoying little undead creatures right away. As the battle neared it’s end one of the Kobolds ran off afraid of its fate. Unfortunately for him he ran right into someone else in the forest who killed him anyway. As our heroes finally got a break from the long battle and mysterious figure stepped out of the forest, throwing the run away Kobold at their feet.

Bashanu couldn’t believe his eyes, there stood another Shardmind! The new Shardmind explained that not only were there 3 other Shardminds in the world but that he was apart of the Kings Guard and was sent ahead of the drone army to scout out the destruction of Dragon Fall. Bashanu was elated! More Shardminds! He had gone for so long believing he was the last remaining of his kind.

The new Shardmind invited them along to help scout out the city. As they approached Dragon Falls, they saw the intense flames and heard the panicked cries of the city folk. With the gate destroyed our heroes needed to scale the outer walls. The Shardmind climbed it easily, Arabella flew up beside him. Heru scanned the wall and found a path that was easy to climb. Bane and Bowan climbed the wall like Dwarven ice climbers (I don’t what that means either.) Bashanu made an attempt and didn’t quite make it. Null smacked her face off the wall twice before Bashanu had the brilliant/evil idea of throwing Null up to those waiting at the top of the wall. With little warning or talk he picked her up and threw the screaming Drow at the top of the wall. Will this plan work? Will Null just get another facefull of wall? Tune in to find out!


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