Pants Not Required

#8 - The Wind in the Wing


The troll growled at the intruders. With a neck cuff that held half a broken chain, it was clearly use to feeling threatened by anyone who came near. It charges them. Quick to react Wesley brings up his shield and charges forward. The collide and the Troll steps back in confusion, not use to things charging back at it. Reginald sees his chance and rushes forward, sadly tripping and falling at the trolls feet, he does manage to slash at it’s ankles though. Blithe pulls his new sword from it’s sheath and speaks its name. At once it lights with fire and he runs. Slicing and burning the troll he causes it to stumble back. Volanna launches a solid force of air to attempt to knock the troll off it’s feet, when it doesn’t work she sprints forward and launches into attacks from behind to keep it from escaping. From the doorway, Entany launches a blind streak of lightning at the face of the troll. It shrieks. At first from pain and then from adrenaline. The wounds covering it’s body start to fade and its energy replenishes.

The group can’t let up now. Wesley and Reginald launch into an aggressive assault, keeping the troll on the defensive. With the troll slowly backup towards her, Volanna focuses her ki and creates sparks in the air. The shower of tiny fire causes the troll to shriek again as it creates burning pits in his skin. The troll spins around, and focuses on Entany. It charges, and with the full force of a large troll, knocks the small Elf into the wall. Bloodied but not dead, Entany slowly gets back on her feet. Enough of this! Wesley tears the bandages off the side of his face to reveal is left eye and the scarred skin around it. He channels his power, his left eye flashes purple and suddenly a thunderous sound echos through the halls. With the troll on it’s last life line, Reginald launches forward and guts him. Stumbling forward the troll sways and falls forward, sadly ontop of Entany. Volanna being the largest of the group walks over and lifts the trolls head off of Entany and begins to heal her wounds.

Cleaned up and ready to move on the next room reveals a wall full of chains. Broken chains to be exact. Clearly this room once held the troll and for one reason or another it had broken itself free. Continuing down the path the find a room that was once an armory. Scattered about are bits of armour and the stands they once rested on. One set seems fairly together and Blither suggested that someone use it. When Wesley walks close to it however the armour stands on its own. Wearing the Barkley colours it attacks the group. Quickly it is dismantled and the group decide to leave the rest alone. The room is eerily quite, a slightly creaking can be heard. Stones sound like they are shifting in their place in the wall. At the end of the armoury is a door that leads to a staircase. The follow along, moving up further and further into the Dwarven ruins. The journey takes a surprisingly long time. At the end they find a large, ornate wooden door.

The door creaks open as if it were left unlocked. The room is dark, except for the stairwell light that only stretches 5 feet into the room. Entany casts a spell and lights a nearby candle. With a flash it lights, and suddenly every other candle begins to glow. The light trails down the long hall, revealing a throne at the end of it. Upon the throne is a man in ornate robes. Silently he sits. Waiting. Blithe walks forward, making his way down the hall. Volanna follows suit. The others stay by the door, wary of this mysterious man. As they reach the other end of the hall, Blither introduces himself. having heard one person speak, Reginald shouts from the other end of the room “What were you doing sitting in the dark?” The man stirs and they get a better look at him. This is the man Tyrone told them, this is the Kings son, this, Is the Wind in the Wing. He speaks. “So you fought off the troll did you?” He looks towards Reginald and mentions his name. Reginald wants to know how he knows him personally. The Prince replies that he would be a poor leader if he didn’t know everything about the people working for him, or how they helped the poor. The Prince motions them closer. Reginald and Entany walk forward leaving Wesley behind at the door. Wesley leans back against the door frame in defiance. The Prince smiles “Ah, you must be the skeptic.” Without a sound he appears before Wesley at the entrance to the hall. “If by skeptic you mean I don’t trust weird old men in robes who sit in a dark hall underground, then yes” replies Wesley. The conversation goes back and forth like this for sometime. To trust or not to trust. Some are convinced more than others. The Prince tells them that he does not wish to see his Fathers’ kingdom fall, but he does not wish to be king. He would rather that a ruler earn their right to rule rather than have it given to them at birth. The Prince has plans to replace the nobles power with the power of the people, a vision his twin brother doesn’t necessarily share. The plan was to destroy the slave market and start to undermine the nobles and what little trust their people gave them.

Entany raises many good questions. "Why would blowing up part of the city help? Wouldn’t the slavers just find more slaves and continue on? The explosion would even kill many of those you wished to free! Why reveal yourself? With that last question, the Prince smiled and said “Well, you’re leading my people here aren’t you? Well at least some of my people.” Soon the Prince walks a bit away and leaves the group to discuss among themselves. It appears most don’t trust this man, but some see that he has a good goal, and it is time for change. The others see that this is only half the story and they should see the other Prince, the one who wishes to be King but does not have the birth right to do so.

Will they continue to argue for days? Can the Wind in the Wing be trusted?

#7 - We represent the lollipop guild


This group is the worst when it comes to planning, agreeing on things, and thinking in general. They spend hours bickering, making up plans that make no sense, and loosing sight of what they are trying to do. All to the amusement of Norman McDougal. Georgy McGuard arrives, bright and shinning as ever even with the recent loss of his arm. He offers a suggestion, there is a guild of assassins within the city, they may know who has the hit out for the people on the list. Great. A lead. But no they talk about other plans instead.

After many plans (such as killing Reginald’s cousin, not killing Reginald’s cousin, joining the assassins, doing side quests, and waiting) the group finally agreed that their ultimate goal is to meet the Wing, and to what he and his organization are truly doing for the city of Gailforge. And what better way to find him than to join up with the Wind in the Wings? McDougal is a bit surprised, after everything they wish to join? Partially at least. The one thing they can agree on is that they shouldn’t blow up part of the city.

Their first business as new members of the Order is to help the people in the slum city. Reginald sends his servants out to buy medicines and herbs. Upon return one of them had fetched the mail. It was a large box, Reginald opened like a present on Wintersend. Oh but it is like Wintersend for inside the box is the breast plate of the plate mail Reginald has been after. Attached is a note “Perhaps I didn’t sell all of it.” It would seem that McDougal had sent a present after leaving the estate.

With a shining breast plate, and more arrogance then 4 Barkleys’, Reginald leads the pack down to the tunnel opening. When they arrived, two guards were stationed outside of the building entrance. Reginald greets them and tries to walk between them. Of course they do not allow him. “Someone tried to blow up the City. We’re here to make sure no one goes through. Official business and all that” one guard says. Entany steps forward and tells the guards that they were to investigate the scene of the crime. They were an official group from the City, she holds up a piece of paper. Ordinary paper this was not, this paper had been enchanted. Enchanted to show the viewer what they wanted to see. So the guards should see an official document. One of the guards looks over “I’ve never heard of the Lollipop Guild” he states, slightly confused. Entany was also confused, were these guards that stupid? Wesley steps forward and pretends to be upset with Entany “Did you bring the wrong paper again? You’re suppose to be the one who remembers these things!” In an aside to the guards he mutters “Elves” he shakes his head. This apparently convinces the guards that they really were officials from the city. They allow them to pass and the group walks as quick as they can without drawing attention. “I’ve really never heard of the Lollipop Guild” One guard mutters as they pass.

Within the tunnels there are signs that a lot of people have been moving through them. The door to the slums has been lightly places back on it’s frame. They knock it down again. When they arrive, the entire city is bustling. It appears that they are packing what belongings they have and creating a caravan of sorts. From the busy streets a young boy runs out “You did come back! I didn’t believe you would but you did!” Tyrone was incredibly excited to see the group and to see that they brought medicine. But there was not much time to use it, he explains that the entire city must move. A note came in the night to the ‘leader’ telling them they must move, the guards know they are here. Tyrone leads them to the leader. In a small canvas tent is an old elf, he greets them when they arrive. They explain that they came to help, but would also like to know who sent this note to tell them to move, and where were they going?

The elder directs Volanna where she can drop the boxes of medicine and start healing those who need it most. After she leaves, the elder brings out the note. Written in common, the note contains directions to another underground location and a warning that the guards are on patrol in some areas of the tunnel. It is signed be Wind in the Wings. Seeing this as a chance to help these people live and to get on the good side of the Wing, the group offers their services. The elder suggests that they walks the tunnels ahead of the caravan, to ensure they are clear of dangers. Reginald puffs out his chest, to show off his armour and declares that these lowly people will be safe by is skill. The elder looks at him, but seems to be more interested in his armour. He asks to see it, Reginald obliges, making comments about the detail and strength of his armour. The elder looks it over, sees it’s construction, it’s detail, and something else that the group cannot see. He looks up “I’m surprised a Barkley would be wearing this” Reginald is confused, he states that it is a family heirloom, of course he would wear it. The elder smiles "It has the Barkley crests on it yes, but this is Dwarven made. Made for a human sure, but certainly made by a Dwarf. There was something else he wouldn’t mention and Reginald inquires that it is still safe to wear yes? The Elder nods and says that he should find out for himself soon enough.

The healers of the city take over for Volanna as she joins her group in venturing through the tunnel system to the new location. The tunnels were old and also clearly Dwarven. Some way down the tunnel they enter a large cavern, looks to be like an old treasury. In the middle lay a pile of Dwarven bones, and on top of that was the old corpse of a frost giant. The giant wore armour and carried a large ax, but clearly it was no match for a certain Dwarf, a Dwarf which sunk a broadsword into the beasts neck. Blithe immediately walks forward, and inspects the broadsword. He pulls it from the neck of the frost giant. Another finds a chest, within it is gold and a few small trinkets (And one scarab beetle that Wesley picks up and promptly puts back.) The divide the treasure out and near by Blithe finds the sheathe to the sword he now carries. Upon the sword and sheathe are Dwarven runes. A number of the group can read Dwarven so it becomes quick knowledge what the items say. The sheathe translates to Flame Tongue, the name of the sword clearly. The sword translates to Ignite. Wesley ponders and says the Dwarven word for ignite and suddenly the sword is engulfed in flames. Blithe is startled and sheathes the sword and quickly puts the side of his pants out. Interesting weapon, as long as your enemies don’t know how to read Dwarven.

Finished with what the cavern has to offer, the group moves down the tunnel on the other side of the room. A while later they come across a door, they open it and are immediately taken back from the smell of the room. On the other side of the door, a Troll turns to look out at them. It charges for them without thought.

TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! The first big fight this group has had together, how will they fare?

#6 - Volanna Smash!


The fire burns and continues to spread as the city guard occupy themselves with fighting
the two orcs responsible for the barrels of explosives. Entany stands atop the cart carrying the barrels and tries to keep the flames from coming too close as panicked residents try to put their homes out. Reginald and Blithe begin a bucket brigade and try to organize the screaming masses as much as possible. Volanna resurfaces from the tunnel and is quick to jump into the fight to help the city guards. Eagerly she runs up behind the orcs and using quick, powerful punches accidentally kills Moar Dor, the orc. To add to the choas The Club (also known as Norman McDougal cause I forgot his real name) jumps down from the rooftops and joins in the fight. Wesley is not far behind and although his knee buckled a bit from the landing he was ready to fight. With some houses extinguished and the others under control, Entany begins launching ice towards McDougal slowing his movement down. Trog Dor, the last orc standing begins shouting in panic “MUST SAVE THE BOOM!” He dashes towards the cart, what he intended to accomplish by running at it no one knew. He smashed into it, knocking Entany to the ground and the barrels along with her. Some barrels opened and their contents spilled onto the cobbled stone street. “Oh no boom is everywhere!” Trog tries to bring a few sealed barrels into the tunnel. Volanna turns from the fight and tries to convince some of the residents to put water onto the powder, but most were too concerned about their own homes.

Back to the fight where McDougal turned on Wesley and began to attack him. Reginald, seeing this as his chance to take revenge and claim his plate mail runs over to attack McDougal. Although he had good intentions of helping, Reginald misses McDougal completely as the dwarf begins to taunt him over the plate mail. Entany poisons the dwarf from a distance, but still he will not fall. Reginald and Wesley continue to fight him and Trog calls for reinforcements from the tunnel, and soon after a few crossbolt shots came from within it’s entrance narrowly missing the group. One of the City Guards runs into the tunnel system after the orc, yelling could be heard for a long while. With the fire basically out, Volanna walks back to the fight and roundhouse kicks McDougal in the back of the head, causing him to stumble forward and eventually fall unconscious. Reginald ties the dwarf up and begins to drag him back to his mansion home, Blithe goes along ensuring that nothing terrible happens. Entany, Wesley and Volanna proceed to go down the tunnel after the reinforcements.

A little ways into the tunnel they come across a t-shaped intersection. Down the right, yelling could be heard, human and orc. On the left was a door, barely held on it’s own frame. Of course the group chose to go through the door, how could you not? After they checked for traps, Volanna punched the door in (after a poor miss hit.) More tunnel stretched on for a time, smelling of garbage and sickness. The further down they went the worse the smell became until they reached the end of the tunnel and saw it’s source. A city, an entire city made of tents and poor wooden shacks. Filled with humans, elves and dwarves a like. Entany grabs the attention of a young boy near by and asks if anyone with barrels came through here recently. The boy, named Tyrone, informs them that the barrels go down the other tunnel, this is just a city of sick and forgotten. He asks if the group were with the Wing, “the Wing brings us food!” he declared. Upon further investigation they come to the conclusion that the Wing sounds a lot like one of the reclusive King’s twin sons. The Wind in the Wings seems to help these people whom have been forgotten by the surface.

After promising to come back, or to at least direct attention of the guards to a helpless city beneath, them the group heads back up the tunnel. At the crossroads they see the guard walking towards them, bleeding heavily from a missing limb, but with a smile on his face. He stumbles a bit from the blood loss but raises is other arm with the orcs head in his grasp. “He got my arm but I took his head!” He says in triumph. Volanna patches Georgy McGuard up and they all leave the tunnel to find out what Reginald has done.

At the Barkley estate, Reginald sits at a large dinning table with a vast amount of food and shinning platters spread across it. Across from him as he sips his wine is McDougal, tied up to a dinning chair. The rest of the group files in and begins eating. During the meal McDougal wakes up and the ‘interrogation’ begins. They ask him about the plate mail, the barrels and the plans to destroy the city, the plate mail, The Wind in the Wing, and the plate mail. McDougal says his group is not out to kill people but to destroy the slave market. He also taunts Reginald again and tells him he sold the plate mail to a dwarf in a city up north. Random infighting of the group results in McDougal, chair and all being hoisted from a banister like a pinata.

The question him about the list of important people and how they seem to be dying one by one. According to him not all the deaths are his fault but he can’t be sorry that the others are also gone. He doesn’t know who’s killing these people, but the list went out and whenever one of them is found dead a payment is made to the killer. He also tells them that the Wind in the Wing is not in town, not yet at least. He did confirm that the Wing is indeed one of the royal twins, but he could not fathom why he would help the poor, he’s a nice guy? Who knows.

The group unties McDougal, he’s cooperated thus far. As he helps himself to food from the table he tells them one more thing. “The King is not being reclusive, he’s dead. Been dead for some time. But the nobles pretend that nothing has happened, you see the people like the King, but they have no warm feelings to the nobles. So the nobles are slowly extending their power, unchecked, and feed the masses the idea that the King just doesn’t want to be seen so much in his older age. The people also like one of the King’s twin sons more than the other, but no one knows who the real heir is. There’s been no power struggle from them and so the nobles continue on this charade.”

With all this new information what will the group decide to do next? Do they try to help the City that has no real ruler, or do they leave it to it’s own doom and chase after one man’s plate mail?

#5 - What are we trying to achieve?


A new day begins and our group has some decisions to make. Do they investigate the ship with the mysterious cargo that’s coming to port tonight or do they help a mercenary and open one of the outer gates late at night? Why not both? The group splits up to accomplish both. Entany and Volanna plan to go to the docks and Wesley, Blithe and Reginald work out a plan for the gate.

When night falls Entany and Volanna make their way towards the dock. They take a short cut through the slums of Gailforge careful not to attract attention. AS they near the docks something down a side passage catches their eye. A dead body, a dead noble by the looks of it, or at least someone wealthy. Not wanting to waste too much time Entany quickly goes and investigates while Volanna keeps a look out. The recently deceased man was stabbed in the throat and the path in the dirt and dust showed that his body was dragged here. On him was a slavery contract, and some personal information. He would appear to be the brother of the man who runs the slave market. Time was moving fast and the pair decided to look into the matters another time.

The reached the harbour front with not half an hour to spare. There seems to be no new boats in the yard so at least the place was quiet. One peculiar thing caught their attention however. The harbour masters house was lit up, but that man was recently killed, or died of natural causes depending on who you ask, his name was also on the list they had collected from the egg shaped chest. The two crept to the window and peered in. Doug, the Captain to the sister ship of the one they came to the City on, was sitting at the desk and doing some paper work. They decide to trick him into leaving to see if they can find some information. Entany first uses magic to write on his paper work. This confuses him for a moment but he just changes to another bottle of alcohol and continues on. She changes that bottle into dish water as he goes to take his first sip. Disgusted and admitting defeat to the drink he cleans up the paperwork and retires upstairs. Before the pair can figure out how to get inside quietly a ship sails into view. This is it! They silently make their way down the docks and watch as the ship ties into dock. A mismatched crew start to carry barrels and boxes down to the dock. The barrels have a familiar marking on them, one the represents explosives. A pair of harbour guards come to check on the cargo and the crew, everything checks out fine and they continue on. The symbol is clearly not well known. The barrels are loaded onto the back of a cart and two orcs begin to pull into town. Entany and Volanna follow in the shadows.

On the other side of town Wesley has found the gate that needs to be opened. It has 4 guards posted their, not many but certainly enough to cause a problem with the plan. Wesley greets them as he walks passed and makes his way to a nearby house, he attempts to scale the side and falls into a number of crates. A guard investigates and Wesley slurs his speech just enough to make the guard uninterested in a drunken noble and return to his post. The second scaling is much more successful. From the roof top Wesley can see the gate and can see far beyond it. In the distance is a shanty town with perhaps 100-200 people going about their lives in it. Here he will wait for Blithe and Reginald.

Reginald decided to pay a visit to his cousin to let him know that he will soon receive the plate mail that was rightfully his. Blithe goes along fro the trip, to keep an eye on Reginald to make sure he isn’t foolish of for some other reason. They take note that the nobles estate is surrounded by guards. After their quick chat the two go to the gate, they walk straight up to the guards before realizing they had no plans on a distraction. Awkward conversations and annoyed guards still gives them no ideas. They walk off and Reginald wishes to find a homeless person to cause a distraction. He finds a Drow sleeping on the street and kicks him awake. A poor choice as the Drow is not homeless or desiring to mess with the city guard. The Drow goes to the gates and the noble pair follows behind. The Drow talks to the guard, something about stupid nobles and walks threw the gate, the gate isn’t even locked….

Back on the rooftops, Wesley enjoys watching the show at the gates. He hears a noise to his side and The Club is there greeting him with a disappointed yet amused smile. He looks over to the gate where Reginald and Blithe are talking to the guards yet again. “Your friends are useless” The Dwarf states, “I needed them to make a distraction outside the gates so I could have clear access to a tunnel system under this very building.” Wesley begins asking for more information on the plans, he takes a risk and asks of [Name..wing…something I forget, someone tell me] The Dwarf continues to watch the scene at the gate and says “Things are to be set in motion for his arrival.” Things will change, the City will burn and people will be freed. The ship, the secret shipment of explosives, the cargo being moved in tunnels under the city. This group intends to destroy part of the city in explosions and fiery chaos. Wesley argues, the people of the city are innocent, many have little knowledge of the slave market to be of any concern. But that does not matter, many will die and change will come. Wesley makes a run for it, planning to jump to a lower roof nearby. The Club catches him by the arm near the ledge and from there they both can see orcs and a cart full of barrels working it’s way down the road. In the distance are two figures, an elf and a towering half-orc beside.

Somewhere between the docks and the outer city walls, Entany decided the explosive cargo should be set off. With little warning she goes to launch fire at the back of the cart. Volanna is quick to react and punches the elf in the stomach. “What are you doing?! People will die if you do this!” Entany still managed to set off a blast of fire, hitting crates nearby. Volanna picks up the crazy elf and runs to warn guards of the fire. From above the madness, The Club lets Wesley go and darts down the roofs following the cart.

The guards, who were now watching Reginald stalling in the gateway like a fool, turn to see a half-orc carrying an injured elf. Even though Volanna means to warn them of fire, the guards see this as a slave rebellion and panic. The fire begins to spread and Volanna ignores the insult of being called a slave to tell them to put it out. From up above Wesley cries out “Follow the cart!” And he runs across the rooftops. Still carrying Entany, Volanna runs down a side alley, leaving the two nobles behind. As they run the cart comes into view and Entany starts to throw fire again. She misses and sets a house on fire with its residents still inside sleeping, unaware of the chaos. The orcs that were pulling the cart were loading them down a tunnel entrance. “Underground! No Boom! No Boom!” They yell. Entany having a quick change of heart, or trying to not have the blood of innocents on her hands tries to put the fire out and alert the residents. Volanna begins carrying barrels underground in hopes of causing less destruction if the fire spreads too quickly. Under ground there are a group of mercenaries armed and waiting for the barrels. Volanna places a barrel down, looks up and says “No boom.” And goes back to the street.

How far will the fire spread, will they be able to move the explosives fast enough? Will they find out who the unknown arrival will be? Will Volanna drop kick a magical elf for being crazy and trying to kill people? Will Reginald ever see that platemail of his?

#?? 4 I think - First rule about fight club...


…let me tell you all about it!

The morning arrived. The fighting matches would begin closer to mid day, but many of the fighters started walking well before then. Many of the competitors were clearly seasoned fighters and they kept their space from the others, saving all built up anger and hate for the arena.

Our mismatched team silently sat around the same table eating breakfast preparing for the day ahead. When the bartender Roger had a free moment he joined the group at their table. “I’ve had a good look over the pages you left with me” he said, “and I think I’ve solved most of it.” He laid the pages out on the table, “The first page is a manifest of shipments, many for fairly recent dates, largely made up of gunpowder. The next shipment is to be made tomorrow afternoon. The second is a list of locations, some don’t really exist any more.” He clarified his thoughts when the group looked puzzled, “The locations exist but they are old ports, many subterranean, not in use for a very long time. There also seems to be a legend of sorts for a map, although there was not map in the pages you gave me” Entany glanced around the table and considered for a moment, Roger was a trusted old friend. “Here” she said as she handed him the map “It came with the rest of the pages.” Roger looked over the map, he pointed out that all the locations on the list were there, but it didn’t give any more clues to what it was all for. “There is one final…rather disturbing thing. Here on the last page is a list of names. Out of the ten there are three that are recently deceased. The most prominent name is the Master of Coin, Emmett Ironcorn.” With that Roger went back to tending the bar. The group had to think on this information, and whether or not they would try to sneak around and find this next shipment. But for today, the fights were all the mattered!

The last of the fighters were arriving, including one rather important one. A tough looking dwarf who goes by the nickname “The Club” Not only is this Dwarf the champion of the fighting arena he’s also the guy whom Reginald’s cousin lost his armour too. Seeing this as an opportunity to get his armour back Reginald walks over to the man who’s set himself up on the other side of the bar. “Ser I I demand to speak with you on certain matters” Reginald begins. “Who do you want killed?” Club interrupts. “Wait…Blonde hair, freckles, snobby attitude…you must be a Barkley!” The dwarf laughs at his own comment. "You must be related to that man I got a loverly set of armour off of. Let me guess, the armour is rightfully ‘yours’ " He mocks. “Yes and I wish to have it back!” Reginald puffed out his chest. The Club glared over his drink “You see, the armour looks really great on one of my guys, really brings out his eyes.” Reginald still wasn’t use to dealing with rude folk…or peasants but this was worse, rude peasant folk. Before things got worse, Ser Wesley walked over. “Excuse me gentlemen but I might have a solution. We are both in the fights this afternoon are we not? Then I ‘The boulder’ challenge you to a fight, if I win I gain my friends armour back from you” The Club scoffs" Son, you have to win 7 fights before you’re allowed to challenge me, you know the rules. But I’ll see you inside" He walks away towards the basement door.

It was now midday and the crowd started filing into the basement where a small arena surrounded by wooden stands was located. The general rules were stated to the fighters (with a few objections) and the first match up was set. Wesley “The Boulder” Crusher against a Guardsmen, a man who looked quite meek. The fight begins and it turns out this Guardsmen is quite speedy. Both try to intimidate with some of their best moves right away and end up flailing around. His reflexes are still no match for The Boulder however as he misses his step and is promptly picked up and tossed over head. He stands, wobbly, and tries to rush him, but is easily out manoeuvred and punched in the back of the head. Rough one was done!

During all the chaos Blithe tried to take advantage of a distracted crowd. He attempted to pick pocket a tall muscular elf, but was bumped into him as the crowds moved about. The elf turned around and Blithe motioned to the man next to him to place the blame elsewhere. No luck, he was caught and as punishment he would be entertainment for the crowd. They brought him to the ring and brought out a giant grizzly bear to face him. With nothing more than a wooden spear Blithe faced down the bear in to-the-death combat. It was a fierce battle, with many near death moments, but Blithe came out on top as the victory when he sent the wooden spear through the bears chest.

When round two should have started an interesting thing happened. Wesley re-challenged The Club and to the crowds shock The Club accepted. No weapons, no help, just bare knuckle fighting. Having bet on Wesley, Reginald has gained back more coin than he had brought with him on this venture. He joins Blithe and Entany on bets placed on Wesley to win against The Club. Volanna sits this one out, the nomad life leaves one with little coin, and really the show is enough of a reward. The match starts in Wesley’s favour, The Club has underestimated him, and he makes sure everyone knows it, he taunts and jeers. But the fight soon becomes more bloodied. Wesley is barely hanging on to consciousness, and ever though he keeps landing great hits The Club doesn’t seem to tire much, but only get angrier. Eventually Wesley is knocked out, but The Club is impressed by this fight and as soon as Wesley wakes up in medical (some three hours later) he offers him a job on his mercenary team.

Will the group find out what’s going on with these secret shipments? Will Wesley join the mercs? Will Reginald convince the group to help bring a mercenary company into the city so he can reclaim is lone piece of plate mail armour?. Will the realize there’s nothing keeping them together? Seriously, some of them dislike each other enough.

#6 - Do you think he's hopping mad?


The giant frog looked around at the group that forced him to leave his cave, and they stared back. They weren’t expecting a frog of all things. At first they tried to talk to it in one of the many languages the group had. No reaction. Then they wondered if they needed to fight it, but if they didn’t the Elves would slowly starve. Once it was settled they began their attack.

The battle was not a long one but it began with Tophrick being swallowed by the giant. The group put in a great amount of effort to free the Deep Gnome by attacking it. Once he was freed Tordeck went completely ham on the creature and sliced it to pieces! The group expected a little more from a creature that was terrorizing a village of Elves. They wondered if maybe there were more creatures in the cave and set off into the darkness.

Thanks to Condunrum the cave was lit by fire. In the back wall was a set of stairs. They followed them down to a tunnel. What was in this place? Turns out there were a group of Bullywugs living in darkness in this cave. Frail, hungry and scared these creatures seemed a little pathetic. Upon seeing them many members of the group had a sudden urge to put them out of their misery. Tzetiel talks to them, first in Elvish, the common and finally Primordial. With the last language the Bullywugs look up at her. She asks why they are down here. Apparently this was for their own safety. In the outside world everything attacked them, even other Bullywugs. It was best to hide away behind the lair of a Giant Frog.

While talking to the small frog-like creatures, Scathe had this desire to end one of the Bullywugs lives. Just one. No one would miss them surely. He sends a blast of magical energy towards them, but it is intercepted by Tordeck. As he picks himself off the ground he turns to realize all the wide-eyed Bullywugs staring at him. “No one has ever protected us! Not even ourselves!” Cried their leader. The creatures begin a chant. Tordeck grumbles that he doesn’t understand them, and asks if they speak common. Turns out they do, and they continue their chant in common. “Bear faced one! Beard faced one! Beard faced one!” The Bullywugs wish to follow Tordeck, to the end of their probably short lives. He agrees but says he can only be responsible for one, the others are free to do as they wish. This being a greater offer than they have ever had, the Bullywugs happily bounce their way out the cave behind him.

Will our group be prone to attackers with a group of Bullywugs among them? Will they ever finally get to the City?

#5 - This is why we can't have nice things


Our heroes finally settle down for the night and Bandicoot takes the first watch. When morning arrives muffled screaming can be heard. Baer had rolled over Conundrum at some point during it’s watch with Tzeitel. Tzeitel tells him to move and the poor Gnome is released. When they go to turn their attention to making breakfast they see that their collection of food has been torn apart and stolen. Well this begins an argument between Kathra and Tzeitel. When Kathra handed the watch to her the food was fine and now it was gone. Tzeitel swears up and down that she knows nothing about what happened to it. Scathe, wanting nothing to do with people begins gathering berries. Baer finds a river and begins catching fish for the group. It all would have been a lovely meal had Tzeitel cooked it properly. Most of the group ended up with upset stomachs.

Enough of all this! Time to start heading north. Tzeitel bothers the Ranger that had saved them earlier. She asks if he knows the area or how to get to the town they were going to. Not wanting to talk any more he agrees to lead them through the forest, but they will stay off the path in case there are mercenaries waiting for them. As they head out Kathra ties a rope around Conundrum, he’s too easily distracted and will be left behind if he’s not careful. He thinks it’s hilarious, and treats Kathra like a maypole and runs around her. The Ranger figures that including having to stop and gather supplies it will take them two days to reach their destination.

For lunch they make a point of having Conundrum set the fish ablaze until they are charred. Much safer this way. Scather and Tordek however will not part take in anything the small warlock burns. The day is relatively normal. They walk in a group and it is apparent some are annoyed by each others company. The Ranger leading them stays as far ahead as he can and clearly wished he could just loose them. They passed a cave in the afternoon, filled with large animal bones. Not wanting to waste time the group continues on.

As they continue, Kathra hears a snap and then a whirring noise behind her. She jumps into the trees (dragging Conundrum with her) as a net wraps everyone else up and hoists them off the ground a few feet. No one comes out of the forest, so it’s not a trap meant for them. Scathe twists and cuts the top of the net and the drop to the ground. As they attempt to untangle from one another an Elven man walks out towards them. His bow is drawn but he does not seem to want to deal with a fight. Tzeitel talks to him in Elvish, she explains that they mean no harm and are just trying to get through the forest unseen. The Elf shrugs and says that he didn’t expect his trap to grab a group of adventurers. But he did seem quite annoyed at the broken trap. The rest of the group is annoyed that they have no idea what’s going on, except Scathe. He relays the message and then explains that he knows many different languages. The group offers to repair and reset the trap. While beginning to do so the Elf mentions that their is a very large creature in the area killing a lot of the beasts that his village hunts. He offers the group food and supplies in exchange for killing the creature. They agree to do so and are directed back to the cave they had passed some time ago.

After some back tracking the cave still looks dark and full of animal bones. Conundrum sends fire balls towards the back of the cave. At first it lights up nothing but damp cave walls. After the second volley a creature is lit up. A deafen croak reaches them and a giant frog stomps it’s way out of the dark to meet them.

Will our heroes be able to work together to fight this giant creature? Or will Conundrum just set everyone on fire?

#4 - What is this even? I can't...even


As it turns out Sven is not only a brilliant businessman but also an excellent host. As he prepares a very large dinner, the group sits in the next room talking about their next plans and learning a bit about each other. From the tunnels a woman with blueish skin appears before them. Noemi is her name as she too is fleeing the Emperors grasp. Late in the afternoon the group sits down to all the food and booze that Sven has to offer. All prepared by his own hand as most of his servants are gone now. Tordek (the friendly neighbourhood drunken Dwarf) exclaims it is the best booze he has ever consumed! As the meal winds down Sven offers them each a map of the area. He shows them where to go to meet his friend and the rest of the rebellion.

There’s a knock on the door. Sven ducks out of the room and quickly rushes back. He tells the group to jump out the back window NOW. They gather their things and the maps and quickly navigate the halls while Sven goes back to the front door. As they reach the window they hear “You’ll never take me alive!” and against Sven’s wishes they turn and run through the house towards him. In front hall stand Sven with a doorway full of a giant Warforge, he wears the sash of a Guard Captain. Behind him are two slightly smaller Warforge but no less powerful. The group rushes in and tries to take the Warforge by surprise, in the chaos Sven runs across the room, pulls on a candle wall scone and disappears through the floor.

Immediately the Warforge put the hurt on the group. They’ve fought many before but never a Captain with a couple lesser Warforges with him. Fortunately, the smaller Warforges don’t seem to want to break their rank and only attack those who come near enough. The groups new ally Noemi falls unconscious from the Captains terrible arm swinging fury. And Kathra (who had jumped through a window to take on the group) was bleeding badly. Tordek sees all this and begins to run out the back of the house. Kathra is knocked unconscious by a smaller Warforge and is hand cuffed. It picks her up and returns to formation. Down 3 people it’s clear that the group needs to get out. Tzeitel saves Noemi and they both run with Baer guarding them. Tophrick jumps out the window and pulls the Warforge carrying Kathra towards him. He quickly decapitates the Warforge and stomps on it’s head. The Deep Gnome picks Kathra up even though she is almost 3 times his size. Scathe, who has been attacking from the shadows, leaps in and attacks the pursing Warforges. He his knocked unconscious as well as the Captain is very powerful. From the roof tops a ranger jumps down onto the Captain and knocks him to the ground. Baer comes roaring around the corner to help. The hooded ranger picks Scathe up and puts him on Baers back. They make a retreat while the Captain is down.

The group manages to meet up just outside the city walls. The maps Sven had given them lead them to the same road. With two members unconscious and others injured they vote to set up camp within the forest. Warforge programming does not allow them to pursue any criminals beyond the city limits. They walk for a time, it’s slow going with what they carry. They set up camp when they can no longer hear the noise of the city. The ranger who had saved them nodded at Tophrick as they began setting up camp. “Impressive strength you have there” Tophrick looked at him and then realized he was still carrying Kathra on his shoulder. He replied that he had forgotten she was even there. They set up camp, Scathe and Kathra both came to and everyone patched up their wounds. As they sat around the fire they discussed setting up watches. It took sometime as really they had only met no more than two days ago and could anyone really be trusted with protecting strangers while they slept? After it was finally settled they continued talking, apparently they were a talkative bunch. Suddenly a tiny figure comes running out of the bushes. Conundrum, frazzled and panting squeaks at them ’You left me!" he stares wide eyed at them. Tophrick replied “I yelled at you 3 times to put that ice cream down and to come help us with the fight.” The words ice cream put joy on the tiny Gnomes face “IcecreamIcecreamIcecream!” he squeaked as he joined the others.

They’ve made it this far but will the rest of the journey to the rebels be easier? Why does Conundrum keep getting distracted and shouting things? Will they meet some of the Elves from old country near Tzeitel’s home village?

#3 - A Familiar Face


With our group staring down 12 warforges a bunch of half baked plans are created and executed all at once. Tzeitel grabs hold of Bandicoot and sits him on Baer and tells him to lead the way. He of course only just arrived and isn’t sure what’s going on. The warforge get closer. A second story window smashes across the street and a Dwarf falls to the ground. It appears that their new drunken friend was tossed out by a group of Elves for being too wasted (If there was such a thing Kathra thought.) The new Dwarf stood up and he looked at the group, then down the road at the Warforge and back at the group who were caught between fight or flight. Well, he wasn’t going to pass this show up! The pale skinned, dark cloaked Scathe just leaned on the wall of the burning tavern, this was quite entertaining. As Tzeitel is trying to get Baer to move Kathra runs towards the Warforge, she yells, waves her arms and insults their motherboards but they do not seem to notice her. Fed up with that she picks up a barrel and bowls some of them over. That got her noticed. She darted down an alley way as was pursued by two Warforge. What an exciting night this was for Tophrick! He planted his feet to the ground and called forth the elements of the earth and tore up the road between them and the Warforge. Now was the time to run. Scathe slipped away into the shadows and Tzeitel and Baer ran down the road. Bandicoot was running away, shouting about a safe house. The drunken Dwarf looked back at the Warforge stumbling over the rocks and dirt oh this would be a waste of a great opportunity. As the others run he taunts the Warforge and proceeds to moon them.

It doesn’t take long for the group to regather themselves outside a small wooden shack nestled between two buildings within the poorer part of the city. Bandicoot knocks on the door in a rhythm, he is greeted by a giant of a man. Brodrick, the gaurdsman allows them to enter. This hideaway is a tiny shack of a place, it’s dirty, cold and there is plenty broken furniture. In the corner sleeps a man covered in a ragged blanket. Bandicoot explains that there is a tunnel system underneath the building. Both Kathra and the drunken Dwarf perk up, this is the tunnel system used to smuggle booze around the city! Suddenly a frantic knock on the door. A tiny terrified Conundrum stumbles in. He squeaks as he talks of the Warforge patrolling around the area. It’s time to move then. A man comes out from the tunnels, he assumes they are safe enough for now to move through. Brodrick calls up to his dad to pack up. The man covered in a blanket stands up. He’s wearing a good set of leather armour and carries a finely crafted sword at his side. His name is Groat, and he has very little patience for being here. He leads this odd group into the tunnels.

The tunnels are not as cramped as one might think. Only Brodrick the guardsman has issues getting through. Once into the main passages the group sees a number of Dwarves running around and plenty of barrels of ale stocked up along the walls. As they go down the passage to their destination both the drunken Dwarf and Kathra take it upon themselves to test the quality of the booze flowing through this tunnel. Many Dwarves nod in approval to the drunkard who carries a barrel on his shoulder the whole way.

Hours pass and after many twists, turns and different passages they end up in a fancy cellar. It’s filled with fine dried foods and plenty of cheese. They walk up the stairs and end up in a fancy sitting room where are a table a Dwarf is sitting drinking a mid-morning tea. He greets them kindly as the pile into the room. He introduces himself as Sven Ironhammer, once a proud businessman of the country of Sador. Since Guildport has come under such restrictions his business has been severely hurt and he’s been trying to find ways around the Emperor. He tells the group of a small city north of Guildport. Filled with adventure, danger, work and a group trying to start a rebellion. They need to overthrow this Emperor and it needs to happen soon. Tzeitel recognizes the city, it’s near her old village. The group decides to wait until nightfall before leaving, chances were that the Warforges were still patrolling even now that the sun has risen.

What might our group find in the new city? Just how strong has this underground rebellion against the Emperor gotten? Who in the stone is this new drunken Dwarf?

#2 - What is even happening here?!


After an evening of trying to rebel at the Citadel our new heroes settle into their rooms at the inn (or under the bar, whichever). During the night Tzeitel awakes to a strange noise coming from the hallway. When she looks out a City Warforge is standing there. It tells her to come with it to the prison to be charged with crimes against the crown. She questions the Warforge as she and her bear walk into the hallway, it again tells her to surrender. When she refuses her bear roars loud enough to shake the others out of their sleep. Kathra and Tophrick wake up in the tavern and run upstairs to find the Warforge. Conundrum stumbles out of his room to see what’s going on. Kathra shakes her ax at the Warforge and refuses to go without a fight. Turns out the Warforge is quite happy with fighting them, well as happy as a robot could be.

For a time the battle goes well. The group appears to have little effort fighting the giant machine, that is until it starts to whistle and steam pours from it. It spins and heavily damages the group. Having had enough of not knowing what that noise is a cloaked figure appears out of one of the rooms. He joins in on the fight. While evading the Warforges powerful attacks, Tophrick notices that this Warforge has an insignia on it’s cloth guard uniform, it would appear that this Warforge carries a title.

The battle carries on, the Warforge makes another sweeping attack at the group, again hurting some severely. It heals itself slightly, but it is not enough when Kathra makes a final heavy blow, slicing the Warforge’s head from it’s neck. With the battle over the group takes a moment to look over this cloaked stranger who helped them. His blueish skin and piercing red eyes make him a terrifying sight. He would not tell them much but in the future he would be known as Scathe.

Kathra, sick of this Warforge bullshit, walks back down stairs only to find 2 more golems standing by the door. She calls to the others and then goes to sit at the bar. Tzeitel wanders down and starts asking the guards questions. They do not respond. She grabs their attention when she mentions the destruction of the golem upstairs. AS they are distracted Tophrick, ready for another fight, throws a lightening hammer at one golem and charges the other. Another fight breaks out, this Warforges are not as powerful but they still hurt the group, knocking Tophrick unconscious. As Tzeitel tends to his wounds Kathra finished the pie she was eating and jumps into the fight. The new cloaked party member casts blood magic of sorts, damaging the inner workings of the machines. Back on his feet Tophrick stands firm and uses the power of the earth to knock the Warforges off balance while Conundrum sets everything on fire.

As the last Warforge collapses the group looks at the destruction they’ve caused. Clearly it’s time to leave the city. Bandicoot conveniently shows up late. He looks around and agrees that it’s time to head out of the city and meet his friend. As they exit the tavern they see 12 Warforges walking up the street towards them.

Will our group fight more Warforges unnecessarily? Will they ever not answer every problem with their weapons? Tune in and found out.


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