Pants Not Required

#15 - I'm on a boat!


It’s going fast! and I’ve got a…uh nevermind.

When we last left our heroes they had just hired an entirely new crew to help them cross the unknown sea. Each with their own back stories and personalities! Which means it will hurt even more when the heroes use them as canon fodder. The crew is as follows.

Navigator- Roywyn (F, Gnome)
Helmsman-Cade (M, Halfling)
Carpenter-Okle (M, Human)
Master Gunner-Helor (F, Half-elf)
Cook-Ellyjoybell (F, Gnome)
Big Man-Bjarn (M, Human)
Hired Help-Torggla (F, Dwarf)
Deckswab-Vagin (M, Human)
Master of Languages-Alfonzo (M, Elf)
Heavy Lifter-Garur (M, Dwarf)
Heavy Lifter-Golin (M, Dwarf)
Hired Help-Silaphith (F, Elf)
Hired Help-Mizra (F, Human)
Hired Help-Kenneth (M, Halfling)
Medic-Peter (M, Human)

After a quick introduction the team sets off. They don’t get very far before a storm suddenly appears and begins to beat up the ship. With quick thinking Bane ninja kicks the drunken captain below deck before he goes over board. Everyone ties themselves down and Bashanu runs to the helm, Cade is struggling against the waves. Bashanu picks him up in one arm and proceeds to pilot the ship threw the waves. There is something more to this storm than just nature. Something strikes the side of the ship, causing the railing to break and 2 of the new crew members to fall over, the saved by their rope ties. Just as they are rescued something hits the other side of the ship and another crew member falls over. They rescue him and Bane climbs to secure the rigging, he shouts that this is an unnatural storm and Arebella attempts to find a way out of its path. Null keeps the spirits of the crew up as the waves seem to get more intense with each pass. Bashanu rides the waves out of the storm. Once at a safe distance they see that the storm did indeed have more to it, as giant arms of a kraken appear from the surface of the water!

Our heroes get to fight a kraken! Will they be strong enough to protect their crew?

#14 - It's freeeeeeeee


On the way back to Dragon Port our heroes finally getting a chance to ask some questions of each other. This is really the first time since the beginning of their adventure that they could talk without slaying anything. Bane is clearly keeping information about himself secret. The group doesn’t mind, he’s been very helpful, why question that? Arabella explains that she is not very welcome among her kin, she goes a bit moon crazy and tends to want to hurt and loot people. Yeaaaaahhhh. With that our heroes turn to the question of what do they do now? Bane pulls out the map he collected from the caves and points to one of the draconic symbols. “This belongs to a clan of Dragon Born across the sea” he grunts “Probably the best place to start.” With them all in agreement the group rests the last of the journey back.

Once in Dragon Port the group finds their lost boat and realizes they are going to need a new crew, only the Minotaur and that bug guy remains. Word on the street is that the best place to hire crew is from Sven Ironhammer, a dwarf who can be often found at the local pub handing out free drinks. Free drinks? Well of course they need to go there! Once there our heroes can see that the pub is quite busy and Sven Ironhammer is dancing up a storm in one corner. Bowan and Null approach the bar, get some drinks, and then wander over to Ironhammer to begin discussing a crew.

Ironhammer greets them warmly and is quick to start the bargaining for the crew. Looks like our heroes needs to make a bit of money. Null really wants to battle the Bard playing for the crowd to make money that way but Bowan has better ideas. Drinking contest! He challenges Ironhammer, he Bowan wins he waives his fee for the crew, if Ironhammer wins Bowan works for him. Null goes to ask the bartender for the drinks, and persuades him to water down Bowans, not that she doesn’t have faith, she just wants to guarantee a win. Ask the drinking contest begins a crowd swarms around and Null begins a betting pool to earn more money. The contest goes great for Bowan who really only gets a bit drunk. Ironhammer falls to the ground, Bane steps into pick him up and helps himself to some money from his wallet. With that our heroes goes to “SVEN IRONHAMMERS EMPLOYMENT EMPORIUM” where they get the contacts of the crew members.

Our heroes are now ready to sail across the ocean! Not bad to have accomplished all this before noon.

#13 - We're like the Avengers or something


As Bane and Null try to catch up to the others they run into a very interesting character. Back flipping out of a second story window while shooting an undead in the face with a hand crossbow this new guy quickly makes a good impression on the heroes, but is it to last? After catching up with the others the group at last heads for the breech in the wall. It doesn’t seem like many undead have escaped but there is quite the group hanging out on the rubble.

Our heroes advance, they begin to take out the small feeble undead while one crazy mad face eater runs around screaming. It seemed like a fairly simple fight, our heroes were doing quite well but of course that can’t be right. Oh look! here comes a giant hulking undead beast from a burning building! The group turns and fights, easily multitasking the double sided battle. Heru creates a shadow creates that looks surprisingly like a hobbit, who enjoys flipping the undead off. The shadow stalks the giant. After sometime the giant is slain! He crashes into a water fountain, impaled onto the spiked centre piece. But what’s this? He rises from the dead! Good thing there was a rude shadow creature to quickly destroy it once more.

As they continued to fight this new guy decides to take a running start at an undead ‘commander,’ along the way he shoves Null to the side, causing her to fall into difficult terrain created by Heru. Well that’s it, this new guy needs to be taught a lesson. No one shoves a Drow and doesn’t suffer her wraith. While Null plots her revenge while looking like a baby deer on ice, Heru binds this strange newcomer in magic chains, which un/fortunately knocks him out cold. He won’t be happy about that in the morning. The battle is won! And this is when the Emperors guard makes a fashionably late arrival. They begin to take care of the rest of the horde and our heroes get a ride back to Dragon Port for a well deserved rest.

#12 - In hindsight, this was a bad idea


Our heroes watch as the city of Dragon Fall burns around them, there is nothing more they can do for it. But even if this city is lost to the dragon hell spawn they must fight to keep it contained! From top of the tower they spot a break in the outer wall, some undead are moving to infect the surrounding area. With hordes of undead starting to amass in the city centre below them our heroes opt for a skyward route. Arabella takes the longest rope they have and lodges it in a building near the outer wall, creating a zip line for our non-flying heroes to descend on.

Bashanu and Bowan take to the flight with ease. Heru has a slight miscalculation and ends up hanging from the side of a building, but is able to get back to the line with the help of owl bear. Null looks to the ground and wishes that the Undying Court would bring her tests of diplomacy instead of acrobatics. Her nerves get the better of her and immediately she begins to fall down the side of the tower. Bane reacts quickly and throws a rope after her, seeing that she is unable to grab hold he drops off the side holding on to the rope in a bid to try and catch her. Nothing helps, Null crashes into the paved city circle, barely conscious and surrounded by undead. Bane is able to land safely next to her and begins to blast the undead backwards. Null struggles to stand up and creates a cloud of darkness to conceal them. They now must make their way to the outer wall on foot. They clear the centre and once Null patched herself up they have no problem finding their way through the streets to meet up with the rest of the group.

Now is the time for fighting, our heroes must hold the undead wave back long enough for the reinforcements from the King to arrive.

#11 - We have skills! Well...sort of.


Our heroes ascended down the outer wall and found themselves surrounded by hordes of the undead! These dragon minions were creating havoc and turning the townsfolk to the cause of their dragon overlord. It is decided that the group must get to the central tower in the city. There they can see everything from the safety of the stone walls.

As they work their way through the flaming streets and collapsing buildings our heroes are joined by a terrified and injured woman. She goes with them for safety but they failed to realize she had been bitten and would soon turn into an undead minion.

Many skill testing situations presented themselves a long the way. And our heroes succeed maybe half of them! …
They came across another villager, rather another villager fell upon them from above. Bashanu gracefully caught the man, but turned him away from the group as they needed to keep moving. The man ran off and was quickly overtaken by undead and eaten and Bashanu looked on with unblinking eyes of stone.

Finally! The central courtyard. Now they just had to get past another horde of undead. No problem! They made their way through the crowd, thanks to Banes ability to be sneaky, only to stop near the base of the tower to stand around their travelling companion as she was now in more pain than ever. After a quick discussion, Arabella drew her bow and went to help the woman end her suffering. She missed however, and the woman just keeled over in more pain. But enough of her! Our heroes ran the last of the way to the tower with ease thanks to Heru’s binding ice chains keep the undead at bay. Alas the door to the tower was locked. But this was the perfect time for Null to realize she can open locks with the power of her lute! What awaits them inside? Why do our heroes suck so bad at skill challenges? Tune in and find out!

#10 - Should have picked the levitate ability


Kobolds. So many god damn Kobolds. They were simple enough to destroy at least. Bane took out 5 of the annoying little undead creatures right away. As the battle neared it’s end one of the Kobolds ran off afraid of its fate. Unfortunately for him he ran right into someone else in the forest who killed him anyway. As our heroes finally got a break from the long battle and mysterious figure stepped out of the forest, throwing the run away Kobold at their feet.

Bashanu couldn’t believe his eyes, there stood another Shardmind! The new Shardmind explained that not only were there 3 other Shardminds in the world but that he was apart of the Kings Guard and was sent ahead of the drone army to scout out the destruction of Dragon Fall. Bashanu was elated! More Shardminds! He had gone for so long believing he was the last remaining of his kind.

The new Shardmind invited them along to help scout out the city. As they approached Dragon Falls, they saw the intense flames and heard the panicked cries of the city folk. With the gate destroyed our heroes needed to scale the outer walls. The Shardmind climbed it easily, Arabella flew up beside him. Heru scanned the wall and found a path that was easy to climb. Bane and Bowan climbed the wall like Dwarven ice climbers (I don’t what that means either.) Bashanu made an attempt and didn’t quite make it. Null smacked her face off the wall twice before Bashanu had the brilliant/evil idea of throwing Null up to those waiting at the top of the wall. With little warning or talk he picked her up and threw the screaming Drow at the top of the wall. Will this plan work? Will Null just get another facefull of wall? Tune in to find out!

#9 - What now? Why Kobolds of course!


Never before have our heroes been in so much danger! A skeletal dragon is a mighty foe, but was it even a real dragon? Bane has his suspicions, but they must wait because real or not this giant foe was about to crush them.

Bashanu and Bane ran forward striking at the foe with their weapons dealing a reasonable amount of damage. Bowan created a mechanical fighter (name pylon) and began firing at the skeletal creature. Arabella took cover atop of Null’s head and unleashed arrows while Null cast a protective spell upon the party.

The dragon took many hits but seemed unphased. It shifted back and unleashed a mighty dragons breath of ice and frost. Bashanu and Bane took quite a bit of damage but their strength kept them going. Arabella avoided damage but Null suffered a number of injuries and was near to blacking out. The assault continued and then suddenly the dragon let out a strong burst of energy. This severely injured many, and Null fell in a frozen heap, unconscious and bleeding. With a member of the party down the team pushed back at the dragon harder, and it was starting to weaken. It wouldn’t be much longer. Arabella used pixie dust to move Null to safe distance beside Bowan and the fight continued. Even near death the spell Null had cast earlier was still working to protect the team from critical damage.

With a final mighty strike the dragon fell! Our heroes were tired and bloody, and they thought that was the end of their struggle. But it was not so. Bane’s suspicions of the dragon were right. From the rubble of the bones of a dragon came undead Kobolds with eyes of icy fire. Will our heroes be able to take on another foe so soon?

#8 - Here be Dragons!


After a quick rest and a chance to clean themselves of the dead, our heroes see that have ended up a ways out side of Dragon Port and near a ship yard. After some intensive searching by Arabella they find that Captain Stone Hammers ship is here, but currently is it blocked in by other ships. There is debate on what the next step is, so for now they go to clear their names with the Guard Captain back at Dragon Port.

The Guard Captain is right where they left him, drunk at Shady’s. The conversation is quick, but not without Bane voicing his clear dislike for the Guard. After a threatening promise they leave. Bane now wants to find out more about this evil sword he has taken from Vicario.

They head back into the Dwarven part of the city. Null donned such an excellent disguise, wanting to avoid another mishap with the dwarves, she was easily seen as a human. The group found themselves at Tim the enchanter. He quickly wanted nothing to do with the sword and its evil, but he was able to give them some advise, “Go to a church, they will help. But don’t go to one that is purely good.” Off they went. They found a temple to the Raven Queen, Bane went in alone and was able to gather some information on the sword. Outside the rest of the group watched as the streets quickly filled with panicked citizens. A town crier exclaimed “A dragon has been spotted north of Dargon Fall!”

They all followed the crowd. It lead to the Guard Captain who while still rather drunk was telling everyone to remain calm. He couldn’t say much about the dragon, but he wanted no one to worry. Our heroes decided that this was the dragon they awoke, one they must destroy. Needing not many supplies they set out right away, if they were quick they could be at Dragon Fall before the sunset.

As they approached Dragon Fall they could see that it was set ablaze. The dragon had already caused such destruction. To their right they heard a rumble. The trees began to shake. Out burst a skeletal dragon! Are our heroes ready to fight such a fearsome foe?

#7 - The Rising Dead
The dead still create unease.


When our heroes tried to leave the cave system they found that their way out had collapsed. This left them with no choice but to explore the other passages. In an unnaturally dark passage they found a map with strange symbols but no exit. They went back to the fork in the cave to try the final path. As they walked down the path lit in a faint blue light the smell of decay grew strong. They at last entered the final chamber and were greeted by a tall pile of bodies in various states of decay. Some of these bodies appear to be members of the royal family. All of the blood from this monstrous pile was being drained out of the room to a location unknown.

After the initial shock our heroes realize that the chamber is lit with moon light from above the large pile of bodies. There is an opening to the outside world! Arebella flew up to see if everything was clear. Once it was she tied a rope up top and lowered it down, unfortunately there was only enough rope to reach the top of the pile. Owl bear tossed Heru up and quickly scaled the pile. With much hesitation from the others, Bowan charged up the pile only to sink part way. In an effort to help, Null ran forward but slipped into the blood river and ended with a face full of dead bodies. Bowan burst out of the bodies and ran the rest of the way. Bane had no troubles reaching the top and climbing out and Bashanu was kind enough to pick up Null on his graceful way to the top.

Our heroes has escaped! What’s more there seems to be a ship yard nearby and it might even contain the ship they have been looking for! What might they’re plans be now? Tune in to find out!

#6 - Dark Cave of Old
Something's not right here.


There is an unnatural darkness to this cave. One feels trapped, even in their own mind.

The group comes to an intersection of different cave paths, they choose to go to the right, where they can see a faint light and the faint scent of smoke drifts past them. As they rounded a corner they are met with an unusual sight. Vico Vicario is knelt before a giant skull of a dragon. He’s created some sort of alter to it and seems to be praying to the long dead beast. Before him is a sword, a sword which light cannot go near, it radiates evil.

Our heroes question him, they want to know more about the sword. Bane in particular wants to know why he and he alone can hear a great roaring in his mind. Vicario tells them he will demonstrate what this great sword is. He quickly takes control of the minds of half of the party, leaving only a few to strike at him while their comrades attempt to destroy them. The battle is close but our heroes pull through. Vicario claims that he has what he needs and takes in the energy of our heroes, a great roar is heard. He disappears.

Suddenly the vision of three grow dark, Haru, Bane, and Null find themselves in darkness, confronted by a hooded woman. Bane and Heru kneel, they at once recognize the great Raven Queen. She speaks to them, tells them of the threat of the dragon that has now awoken and that they must destroy it. She also speaks to them alone in their minds. And with this she has shattered the very foundation on which one of these heroes has based their life upon. Will they be able to shake this unwanted news? Will the lives of others be put at risk so one might prove the very gods wrong?


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