Pants Not Required

#14 - It's freeeeeeeee


On the way back to Dragon Port our heroes finally getting a chance to ask some questions of each other. This is really the first time since the beginning of their adventure that they could talk without slaying anything. Bane is clearly keeping information about himself secret. The group doesn’t mind, he’s been very helpful, why question that? Arabella explains that she is not very welcome among her kin, she goes a bit moon crazy and tends to want to hurt and loot people. Yeaaaaahhhh. With that our heroes turn to the question of what do they do now? Bane pulls out the map he collected from the caves and points to one of the draconic symbols. “This belongs to a clan of Dragon Born across the sea” he grunts “Probably the best place to start.” With them all in agreement the group rests the last of the journey back.

Once in Dragon Port the group finds their lost boat and realizes they are going to need a new crew, only the Minotaur and that bug guy remains. Word on the street is that the best place to hire crew is from Sven Ironhammer, a dwarf who can be often found at the local pub handing out free drinks. Free drinks? Well of course they need to go there! Once there our heroes can see that the pub is quite busy and Sven Ironhammer is dancing up a storm in one corner. Bowan and Null approach the bar, get some drinks, and then wander over to Ironhammer to begin discussing a crew.

Ironhammer greets them warmly and is quick to start the bargaining for the crew. Looks like our heroes needs to make a bit of money. Null really wants to battle the Bard playing for the crowd to make money that way but Bowan has better ideas. Drinking contest! He challenges Ironhammer, he Bowan wins he waives his fee for the crew, if Ironhammer wins Bowan works for him. Null goes to ask the bartender for the drinks, and persuades him to water down Bowans, not that she doesn’t have faith, she just wants to guarantee a win. Ask the drinking contest begins a crowd swarms around and Null begins a betting pool to earn more money. The contest goes great for Bowan who really only gets a bit drunk. Ironhammer falls to the ground, Bane steps into pick him up and helps himself to some money from his wallet. With that our heroes goes to “SVEN IRONHAMMERS EMPLOYMENT EMPORIUM” where they get the contacts of the crew members.

Our heroes are now ready to sail across the ocean! Not bad to have accomplished all this before noon.


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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