Pants Not Required

#3 - Jailbreak!


This adventure the party locks up their newly acquired “Bob’s Emporium” and heads down to the docks. When the docks finally came into view, they found the boat wasn’t there! They were stopped by 2 guards and they accused the party of robbing shops and murdering innocents, the party was confused and tried running but when their escape was blocked off by more guards they gave in and went to the Guard HQ.

The party gets thrown into to 2 separate cells on the third floor of guard HQ the dwarves in one cell and the rest of the party in another. (there was a raggity old dwarf snoring loudly in the last cell) Their items were separated from them and Arebella the pixie successfully made it past the guard’s weapons search on the party where she was hiding. They waited around for the guard commander to come up and talk to them.

The party finds out that the guard might know a bit more than he is letting on about the groups current situation, and he leaves. The party plots their jailbreak.

Bashanu distracts the guard by insulting his intelligence, he comes over and Bowan picks his lock to set Bane free who tried and failed to put the guard into a sleeper hold (probably because he is half his size :P) Luckily Bashanu reacted fast and bashed the guards head into his cell bars.

Now that they have the cell keys Arebella scouts out downstairs to see if she can find where the weapons are being held. When she goes down the stairs she fails her stealth and is face to face with a guard, who is more than a little confused at what’s happening. She quickly bluffs that she is just lost and the guard just nods his head in confusion and lets the pixie get on her way. She notices the one guard working at his desk move a couple weapons he is cataloging in and out of the chest beside him. Arebella sneaked up to it and quite successfully picked the lock to the chest, opened it and hid inside. She grabbed the party’s gear, stuffed it in her pack, and snuck back upstairs.

When the party equipped again they went back downstairs, Arebella checked to see who is in the room and it’s still just the guard doing paperwork. Bashanu ran over to him and slammed his head off the desk knocking him out. A guard yelled up and asked “What’s happening up there?!” Heru bluffed and replied “I just broke a chair…” The guard replied “You should finally go on that diet you fat ass!”

With the room clean and no one has come up to investigate the party opens the windows and plans to jump out. Bashanu jumps out and lands gracefully as hell, the rest of the party follows with some bumps and bruises. Before the captain, Arebella, Heru, and Null hop out the windows next the party notices the guard who ran into Arebella earlier standing there staring completely shocked at what’s happening, he drops his coffee mug in surprise. Null bluffs and says “We’re just an illusion” and they hopped out the window. This poor guard is having the strangest Monday of his life, and he is never going to drink coffee again.

When the party lands on the ground they hide in an allyway near by and come up with a plan to go to a couple taverns to get more information. The dwarves go to Port Bar and the rest of the party goes to Shadey’s. After they find out some info they are going to meet back up at Bob’s Emporium at Sunset.

The party at Shadey’s finds a group of Drow, a party of humans causing some commotion, and a big strong guy with their back to the door who looks kind of like the guard commander. Null goes to chat with the three drow and find out that not only do they know where their ship is, one is a shapeshifter who is currently using Null’s shape. Null proposes a deal for more information on their ship so they can just get out of their hair, the drow call over their boss, the big strong man, who did in fact turn out to be the guard commander. He sits down at the table and tells the party that he was capturing them to either try and make them an ally or sell them into slavery, he wants to change who has power in the city. Currently the mafia has too much power and he wants that to shift in his favour so he wants the party to take care of one crime group he heard of down in the sewers. After that’s been dealt with he will share the information.

The dwarves find out at Port Bar that a rich dwarf is celebrating something, they all got free drinks, captain got angry about loosing his ship and threw a glass at the rich dwarf’s face, Bashanu made captain cry, Bane found out about the impounding dock where they move ships, and they got kicked out of the bar.


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