Pants Not Required

#7 - We represent the lollipop guild


This group is the worst when it comes to planning, agreeing on things, and thinking in general. They spend hours bickering, making up plans that make no sense, and loosing sight of what they are trying to do. All to the amusement of Norman McDougal. Georgy McGuard arrives, bright and shinning as ever even with the recent loss of his arm. He offers a suggestion, there is a guild of assassins within the city, they may know who has the hit out for the people on the list. Great. A lead. But no they talk about other plans instead.

After many plans (such as killing Reginald’s cousin, not killing Reginald’s cousin, joining the assassins, doing side quests, and waiting) the group finally agreed that their ultimate goal is to meet the Wing, and to what he and his organization are truly doing for the city of Gailforge. And what better way to find him than to join up with the Wind in the Wings? McDougal is a bit surprised, after everything they wish to join? Partially at least. The one thing they can agree on is that they shouldn’t blow up part of the city.

Their first business as new members of the Order is to help the people in the slum city. Reginald sends his servants out to buy medicines and herbs. Upon return one of them had fetched the mail. It was a large box, Reginald opened like a present on Wintersend. Oh but it is like Wintersend for inside the box is the breast plate of the plate mail Reginald has been after. Attached is a note “Perhaps I didn’t sell all of it.” It would seem that McDougal had sent a present after leaving the estate.

With a shining breast plate, and more arrogance then 4 Barkleys’, Reginald leads the pack down to the tunnel opening. When they arrived, two guards were stationed outside of the building entrance. Reginald greets them and tries to walk between them. Of course they do not allow him. “Someone tried to blow up the City. We’re here to make sure no one goes through. Official business and all that” one guard says. Entany steps forward and tells the guards that they were to investigate the scene of the crime. They were an official group from the City, she holds up a piece of paper. Ordinary paper this was not, this paper had been enchanted. Enchanted to show the viewer what they wanted to see. So the guards should see an official document. One of the guards looks over “I’ve never heard of the Lollipop Guild” he states, slightly confused. Entany was also confused, were these guards that stupid? Wesley steps forward and pretends to be upset with Entany “Did you bring the wrong paper again? You’re suppose to be the one who remembers these things!” In an aside to the guards he mutters “Elves” he shakes his head. This apparently convinces the guards that they really were officials from the city. They allow them to pass and the group walks as quick as they can without drawing attention. “I’ve really never heard of the Lollipop Guild” One guard mutters as they pass.

Within the tunnels there are signs that a lot of people have been moving through them. The door to the slums has been lightly places back on it’s frame. They knock it down again. When they arrive, the entire city is bustling. It appears that they are packing what belongings they have and creating a caravan of sorts. From the busy streets a young boy runs out “You did come back! I didn’t believe you would but you did!” Tyrone was incredibly excited to see the group and to see that they brought medicine. But there was not much time to use it, he explains that the entire city must move. A note came in the night to the ‘leader’ telling them they must move, the guards know they are here. Tyrone leads them to the leader. In a small canvas tent is an old elf, he greets them when they arrive. They explain that they came to help, but would also like to know who sent this note to tell them to move, and where were they going?

The elder directs Volanna where she can drop the boxes of medicine and start healing those who need it most. After she leaves, the elder brings out the note. Written in common, the note contains directions to another underground location and a warning that the guards are on patrol in some areas of the tunnel. It is signed be Wind in the Wings. Seeing this as a chance to help these people live and to get on the good side of the Wing, the group offers their services. The elder suggests that they walks the tunnels ahead of the caravan, to ensure they are clear of dangers. Reginald puffs out his chest, to show off his armour and declares that these lowly people will be safe by is skill. The elder looks at him, but seems to be more interested in his armour. He asks to see it, Reginald obliges, making comments about the detail and strength of his armour. The elder looks it over, sees it’s construction, it’s detail, and something else that the group cannot see. He looks up “I’m surprised a Barkley would be wearing this” Reginald is confused, he states that it is a family heirloom, of course he would wear it. The elder smiles "It has the Barkley crests on it yes, but this is Dwarven made. Made for a human sure, but certainly made by a Dwarf. There was something else he wouldn’t mention and Reginald inquires that it is still safe to wear yes? The Elder nods and says that he should find out for himself soon enough.

The healers of the city take over for Volanna as she joins her group in venturing through the tunnel system to the new location. The tunnels were old and also clearly Dwarven. Some way down the tunnel they enter a large cavern, looks to be like an old treasury. In the middle lay a pile of Dwarven bones, and on top of that was the old corpse of a frost giant. The giant wore armour and carried a large ax, but clearly it was no match for a certain Dwarf, a Dwarf which sunk a broadsword into the beasts neck. Blithe immediately walks forward, and inspects the broadsword. He pulls it from the neck of the frost giant. Another finds a chest, within it is gold and a few small trinkets (And one scarab beetle that Wesley picks up and promptly puts back.) The divide the treasure out and near by Blithe finds the sheathe to the sword he now carries. Upon the sword and sheathe are Dwarven runes. A number of the group can read Dwarven so it becomes quick knowledge what the items say. The sheathe translates to Flame Tongue, the name of the sword clearly. The sword translates to Ignite. Wesley ponders and says the Dwarven word for ignite and suddenly the sword is engulfed in flames. Blithe is startled and sheathes the sword and quickly puts the side of his pants out. Interesting weapon, as long as your enemies don’t know how to read Dwarven.

Finished with what the cavern has to offer, the group moves down the tunnel on the other side of the room. A while later they come across a door, they open it and are immediately taken back from the smell of the room. On the other side of the door, a Troll turns to look out at them. It charges for them without thought.

TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! The first big fight this group has had together, how will they fare?


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