Pants Not Required

#22 - I blame Sony

- Before leaving for the Bank, Blithe goes to collect supplies from the Assassins guild. Poison kit and such. Assassin’s Guild merchant offers a deal. The supplies for the death of a debter. Blithe agrees and regroups with the rest of the misfits.

- Along the way to the Bank a merchant is spotted having a heated argument with a large man. Man needs 7 pounds of salt, merchant claims it would be hard to get and would charge him 700g for it.

- Large man is going on an expedition up north, heading for the edge of the world. He leaves in a week. For one reason or another the group agrees to join him. But first, the bank!

- The tour of the Bank starts at the docks. Last line of defense, many boats are in the harbour with guards living upon them, ready to be called at any time. Also…probably sea monsters.

- Bank has clearly been cleaned from top to bottom since the last visit. Although the bank was rather clean before it now shines like it’s brand new.

- Group is lead to the underground lobby. 4 doors enter this room. Behind each door is a separate wing, each wing has different rules and houses different things.
- The northern wing is controlled solely by the bank, mostly loans.
- East has only one vault, the taxes of the Capital are collected here.
- South is personal effects, deposit boxes for jewels and heirlooms.
- West is none of their concern

- Harvey Birdman is given the key to their vault, simple, bronze. They are all lead to the vault, it requires two keys to open. One the harvey carries the other that the bank carries. Their vault contains a large sum of gold.

- The tour guide assures them that the bank is completely secure. They haven’t had any break ins in over 20 years. Back then the security was not as extensive.

- Sony’s E3 conference interrupted us with the Last Guardian and it all went down(or up) hill from there


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