Pants Not Required

#21 - Timey Wimey


- Before leaving, Volanna notices the jewel pendant given to her from the Wind in the Wings has become quite warm. She has the Wizard Book analyze what might be causing it to act up. The jewel is meant to fix mistakes, a lot of timey wimey business. The holder can go back in time.

- Too many questions, time running out, Volanna holds pendant and says “oops,” she watches as everyone goes back in time around her. The Prince returns, the conversation resets and time starts just before Entany reveals the location of the will. Volanna interrupts and tries to steer everyone out of the room. No one questions how she teleported behind the prince.

- The Prince is getting annoyed by no one telling him anything after Volanna declares they leave. He begins throwing some vague threats to them. The group is unphased. Threatens they’d have to fight half is army, meh. Other half of army is in Galeforge fighting the Goblins.

- Prince doesn’t trust his brother to rule. Turns out he doesn’t like magic users. Entany becomes hostile towards his views on magic. She even turns into a duplicate of the Prince, he claims all magic is just smoke and mirrors.

- Suddenly Reginald remembers he has the bell to summon Tim. For no reason he rings it. Suddenly the room is filled with a blinding light, then darkness. Everything in the room, furniture, food and the people are in a new place. What appears to be a throne room.

- Sitting cross legged on a throne is Tim, says bringing them here was easier. He’s busy. Galeforge was a peaceful annexation, lots to sort out afterwards.

- Blithe makes a move to kill the Prince while he’s unguarded and away from his army. Reginald stops him.

- Tim talks down to Entany a bit. Karma.

- Tim starts negotiations with Prince. Wants to be a City State. Leave with army or die. They make a deal. The Goblin City State will be as such for 1% taxes. Prince states that for more they could be provided protection.

- Prince leaves with the guards that were summoned to him. He offers a reward for collecting the will of his father. Group now have deals from both brothers for the will.

- Group gets to have free food at the Green dragon as long as they are hunting the will. Tim sends the whole group back to the Capital. Turns out it was an illusion they never really left.

- At the Green Dragon a goblin brings them a message. This goblin is Tim’s Spy Master. He has a great deal of knowledge about the bank. Vaults are just teleportation rooms, the real treasures are located far away buried under miles of earth.

- Group plans on going to see their new vault in the morning. Can learn who carries the master set of keys and then plan to take them.

Will the group find a way to split the party? Will Volanna every tell them she can travel through time? Better yet, how much can she abuse this power before the world collapses from too many alternate realities?


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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