Pants Not Required

#20 - Waiting...


- Along the way to see the Prince, Entany writes in the book. Writing the Wind in the Wings makes the symbol appear, writing Reginald’s name shows his name, age, networth. Google Book.

- Reach the gate, only gate they’ve seen that’s really closed. Only nobles allowed. Convince the guards that laywers, an Elven noble and a spiritual advisor were also allowed.

- Courtyard is full of cherry blossom trees despite it being the wrong time of year for them, really good expensive garden constantly keeping up appearances of the castle.

- Enter a side building. Appears to be a council room, full of chairs and a large meeting table. Left alone in the room, Blithe finds maps and such, locations of the Kings and allies forces, Entanty writes them in the book. Book autofills some information in. Scary smart book.

- After an hour 3 men arrive, say prince will be with them soonTM
- Get some food, find out some information from the men, have never really seen the King but are completely devoted. King hasn’t left the castle in years, men believe he’s busy the group secretly know he’s dead. Men leave.

- After more waiting, 3 different men arrive and guide them to another room, looks the same as before but is located in the castle and has a nice view of the Capital. This is the Prince’s Council Chambers.

- Men keep saying the Prince will be there soonTM. They get dessert. Reginald gets restless and trashes room. Everytime he breaks something a different person appears to replace it. Entany joins in commotion. Reginald also abuses the clap system for servants. Servants mock him.

- Another hour goes by. Hear a commotion in the courtyard, can’t see it, ends quickly. 3rd set of men appears, surprised they are still here. leave. Reginald opens door, men are talking about whether or not the Prince is in town. He probably is.

- 4th set of men appear, now introducing your prince! Wait forever as the Prince walks along a very long hall way. Reginald draws sword and runs to Prince. Guards panic slghtly, Reginald just wants an autograph.

- Prince doesn’t know why he’s here. Entany suggests that all the nobles should leave. Prince doesn’t get it. After some talk Reginald blurts out the question “Yeah but isn’t the King dead?” Prince is now interested in how they know this. Entany tells them basically everything they know, but doesn’t say where they got the information from.

- Prince turns to Reginald for information about the other prince. Harvey tries to deflect, threatened with being turned into a meal.

- Of course King is dead, it’s not a good time to tell everyone. When the time is right the public will be informed. Volanna mentions that whenever they announce it, no one has to see the body, it would be a perfect cover up.

- Really waiting for Brother to die, Wizards are untrustworthy. Entany argues, Wesley turns back on Prince and says that he clearly doesn’t care. Entany asks why will is in bank. Prince had no idea where it was. Quickly ends meeting, has some banking to do. Offers Wesley and Volanna jobs if they wish, the others he wants gone. Leaves.

- Reginald is sad that the Prince is kind of a dick

- Frantic chase time, group leaves out the door and try to get ahead of the Prince. Harvey jumps from the window and begins gliding towards the gate and to the bank. Sees the Prince’s men gathering horses in a rush.


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