Pants Not Required

#17 - It's like magic!


Within the large shadowy room was a ring, about a metre in diameter and it looked to be made of steel. As the small group moved into the room random characters could be seen along the sides of the ring. Blithe pulls out his fire sword and touches one of the random characters. It reacted and begins to glow green, Hugh, who was unfortunately standing within the ring, vanishes with a flash of light. With excitement Blithe jumps into the ring and touches the same symbol with his sword and in the same light vanishes before Wesley’s eyes. Not wanting to end up who knows where without knowing more about this ring, Wesley goes to inform the rest of the party.

After finding the rest of the group in the newly claimed “Hall of the Saviors” the group debates on whether or not the pair should be left to their own on, they afterall (well maybe no Hugh) went through the magic light on purpose. Entany looks through one of the journals she collected from the tunnel system. From what she can see the ring is used as a fast teleportation system. It turns out the wizard really hated horses and set out to make a teleportation system to render horses useless. The particular character Blithe used would lead near to the Capitol. It’s decided that the group (minus Entany, she wanted a rest first) would go after Blithe and Hugh. Before they leave, Tim offers the group a squire. Percival, they were told, had many skills, some of which might actually be useful.

Along the trip to the tunnel system the group also picks up Ser On Ri, who of course had since sworn loyalty to Reginald. When they finally reach the room it looks just as it did before, empty with one ring in the middle. They enter the ring, some with hesitance, one touches the same character Blithe did. A bright flash, then they see nothing.

Blithe appears in a room that looks oddly similar to the one he was just in, the stone walls might be a different colour. Immediately he kicks in the only door in the room. He and Hugh walk out into a very crowded town. There are many folk walking around, carrying various things like bolts of cloth, building materials, food. Blithe takes note that no one looks poor, they would all appear to be a part of a working class, not rich but with enough to eat and a roof over their heads. Wandering up to the nearest person, Blithe asks an Orc carrying large planks of wood where he might be. The orc looks at him confused and asks how much he’s had to drink. Brighthaven is where they are, nearest town to the Capitol. Blithe starts the ruse that he’s a bit drunk and then asks for the nearest inn. Once he has the direction he stumbles off with Hugh to find The Green Egg.

Back at Goblintopia, Entany wakes from her trance and is startled to see that where there were lanterns in the room was now just darkness. As she begins to move she realizes she soaked, and it smells strangely of tea. After a quick spell to dry herself off, she says farewell to the Golbins and heads into the tunnels after the group. Once in the room with the ring she consults the book she carried, she was reasonably sure she remembered what character it was. With a touch of magic she see a blinding green light and then darkness.

Darkness turns to light when the large group appear in a slightly different room than they just left. They pile out of the room and onto a crowded street. They ask a nearby orc for directions, this just so happens to be the same Orc Blithe talked too, carrying wood planks again. He directs them to the same place as Blithe and they wander along until the smell of bacon guides them the rest of the way. They get into the Green Egg and in the corner is Hugh, surrounded by fans and signing books. Apparently he is the greatest vampire hunter. In another corner is Blithe, eating bacon and enjoying some ale. As they enter the Inn, Wesley tells Percival to wait by the door for the Elf, just incase she gets lost. Percival grabs some ale and goes to wait by the door, the door of the inn, which is not what Wesley meant but at least he means well.

Once again darkness is replaced by the sight of a similar room, although this time there are a confused Orc and human trying to rebuild a door that has a foot shaped hole in it. She talks to them and eventually they wander away muttering something about elves. Entany walks the crowded streets until she sees a small goblin waving frantically at her from an inn. She greets Percival, and after he asks why she has weird markings on her face. These markings look like spectacles and a mustache. Entany tries to clear them off again but they just turn purple. With a sigh she walks into the inn. Immediately the entire place turns and begins laughing, once the laughter died down the ink disappears (what an oddly specific spell.)

Reunited with the rest of the group, they begin talking about their trek to the Capitol. The Dwarven barkeep overhears them, and asks if they would bring a totally not suspicious package to his brother there. It might be death…for him…maybe…like 50/50. He really just needs to get his hands on his brothers bar. Apparently this Dwarf is jealous of his brother owning a more successful bar in the Captiol than him. Really he just wants that bar. Blithe, always wanting to meddle with things, suggests they fabricate a claim on his brothers bar. They make an agreement. iF they get him the other bar, and he can live in this one, then Blithe can own this bar in return. Volanna having paper and writing equipment writes a binding contract, part to make sure this doesn’t bite them in the end and part so she can begin brew ale again.

Before they leave for the capitol the next day they are greeted by Hugh outside, standing next to a cart of parchment, He’s writing his next book on vampire slaying, an adventure in which he single handed killed a vampire in a complex tunnel system with the help of the youngest Barkely. The group, not entirely pleased with this fabrication, cast dark looks at the pair. Blithe ‘accidently’ sets the cart of parchment on fire, and Volanna wedgies Reginald when he least expected it. With that sorted….sort of. They begin the half day walk to the Capitol. Along the way they encounter many people who ask if they could bring something to the Capitol for them, cloth, food, fine plateware. A whole mess of things. It’s enough that they stop and buy two extra carts before even getting half way. There is probably money to be made in this shipping service. City folk would gladly pay someone to move their goods so they don’t have to.

Before they can really flesh out this new business venture they stop in front of a very large gate. The Capitol looms over them. It was easy enough to get through, once the guards knew they were shipping goods in there were no other questions. Within the Capitol the feeling is different, it’s just as busy but no where near as happy, or even nice. This place is full of bitter, bitter men.

What will they find here? Will they actually fabricate a claim for a Dwarf they just met? Will the move the story along with much next week? Probably not.


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