Pants Not Required

#14 - Nothing to see here


Oh look, fighting! Without warning Volanna sends a fist made of air at the large Orc Guard Captain. He’s sent flying across the ground with a number of grunts and curse words. Some of the other guards attempt to put the fire out, but having not dealt with real problems for sometime they are rather clumsy and stupid. The Guard Captain has picked himself up and charges towards his attacker. He deals some considerable damage before Reginald and Blithe step forward and attack. Blithe returns the fierce hits while Reginald adds support with his crossbow. In a desire to look badass, Wesley runs feel speed from the other side of the camp and vaults over the block that contains Entany. He slightly trips up and ends up rolling to his feet slightly dazed. From behind him, Entany launches bolts of lightning towards the Captain lighting the camp with her attack.

Meanwhile another guard has put down a number of the rioting goblins, and for no obvious reason walks to a locked cage containing what looks like a young, male Elven slave and unlocks the door. The Elf casually stands up, walks to the guard and easily snaps his neck. With a wipe of his hands he begins strolling along towards the burning building containing the gold vault. What a bitch.

Reginald trades his crossbow for his fancy rapier, and runs towards the large Orc. While Volanna trades one last attack before stumbling away, Reginald runs up and once again tries to attack his target to no avail. He quickly dodges a couple of the Captains attacks but not all and is hurting quite a bit. Blithe attacks again and deals more damage than should be possible and kills the Orc in a blinding light.

The Elf is still on a leisurely stroll towards a flaming inferno. Entany calls out to him in Elven, suggesting they team up, he doesn’t even turn around. He’s too busy with biting one of the guards fighting the fire. The guard sputters his last breath and falls to the ground. The Elven man then just walks inside.

Blithe kills the last guard while Reginald helps Tim rein in the remaining rioting goblins. Tim tells them that this group is good (except maybe that one Elf…) Wesley is more interested in this mysterious Elf man. Once the building is extinguished he follows after him. In the building most of the gold is gone and a number of chests that didn’t burn have been looted. There are a number of corpses littering the floor, many having signs of a very unpleasant death, not necessarily by fire. There are a few coins leading down a tunnel in the back of the tower. Wesley goes down into the tunnels, it’s not long before it turns into goblin caves. He comes to a cross roads. Down one path are three sets of footprints, and the other only has one. He follows the singles set of tracks, it leads him into a large cave. At the other end of the cave stands the Elf, he’s retrieved his armour from a nearby chest, or from back at the tower. Wesley yells across the large, dark cavern. “WHAT ARE YOU?” The Elf turns, eyes glowing in the dark.

What? Who? I don’t know!


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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