Pants Not Required

#13 - We're like the Avengers or something


As Bane and Null try to catch up to the others they run into a very interesting character. Back flipping out of a second story window while shooting an undead in the face with a hand crossbow this new guy quickly makes a good impression on the heroes, but is it to last? After catching up with the others the group at last heads for the breech in the wall. It doesn’t seem like many undead have escaped but there is quite the group hanging out on the rubble.

Our heroes advance, they begin to take out the small feeble undead while one crazy mad face eater runs around screaming. It seemed like a fairly simple fight, our heroes were doing quite well but of course that can’t be right. Oh look! here comes a giant hulking undead beast from a burning building! The group turns and fights, easily multitasking the double sided battle. Heru creates a shadow creates that looks surprisingly like a hobbit, who enjoys flipping the undead off. The shadow stalks the giant. After sometime the giant is slain! He crashes into a water fountain, impaled onto the spiked centre piece. But what’s this? He rises from the dead! Good thing there was a rude shadow creature to quickly destroy it once more.

As they continued to fight this new guy decides to take a running start at an undead ‘commander,’ along the way he shoves Null to the side, causing her to fall into difficult terrain created by Heru. Well that’s it, this new guy needs to be taught a lesson. No one shoves a Drow and doesn’t suffer her wraith. While Null plots her revenge while looking like a baby deer on ice, Heru binds this strange newcomer in magic chains, which un/fortunately knocks him out cold. He won’t be happy about that in the morning. The battle is won! And this is when the Emperors guard makes a fashionably late arrival. They begin to take care of the rest of the horde and our heroes get a ride back to Dragon Port for a well deserved rest.


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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