Pants Not Required

#13 - Plan? Where we're going we don't need plans.

Time to get this ball rolling! The crew wake up to a rainy morning and almost immediately set off to go in groups to the slave camp. To scout it out…probably. When they arrive a number of new caravans are entering the camp with new slaves to replace all the slaves that had been sold the previous day. AS they approach the front gate they hear a guard muttering about deserters, and about how now they were undermanned for today’s auction. With a group with three human nobles the guard didn’t question them for a second as they walked in to tour the area. They split up and look for anything of importance.

Many things happen at roughly the same time.

Volanna heads to the cages, looking around she sees a very old woman sitting in the back corner of her cage. Typically slaves are used for physical labour, this woman was way too old for that. She asks if the woman has magical abilities, the only reason she see slavers wanting to keep her. The woman replies that she knows a little, when you get to be her age there’s bound to be some magic involved. The woman is more distracted by Volanna though, she looks at her and says that she looks almost exactly like one of the guards. This guard in particular is incredibly mean, not that any of the other guards are saints but he is well worse than them. Volanna asks where this guard might be, perhaps she can do something about it (and to investigate just how similar they are.) Before leaving she gives the old woman some food from her pouch.

In another area filled with cages, goblins in particular, Reginald and Tim walk around. Tim encourages Reginald to just free the goblins, they can create a great distraction as they free the other slaves. Tim is a clever goblin, he uses mass amounts of compliments to have Reginald agree to this plan. Reginald now with an ego half the size of the camps looks into the locking system for the cages. It’s rather complicated but he spies a guard nearby with a set of keys. He walks over and talks to the guard, guard is rather bored, nothing interesting ever happens anymore. No fights. No Riots. Just same old nobles, buying the same old slaves. While they are talking Tim wanders over, looks around, and just so happens to find the guards keys in his hand. Oh what a joy! He pockets them and just mindlessly wanders away to not cause to much of a fuss.

Around the grounds Blithe keeps an eye out for the guard he has been tasked with killing. He knows he’s an orc, and not much else. In his travelling he spies the guard house. Probably a lot of coin in there. He slips into the shadows and starts to work his way over. As he nears the door it swings open violently! Out walks a very large, very full blooded Orc. This guard has a similar look to Volanna, only a lot more…Brutal…Orcish. The guard leaves and Blithe slips into the doorway behind him. Upon a desk is a large number of documents about the slaves currently held in the camp…what a shame if something were to happen to them. He pulls out his sword and speaks ignite as he lights the papers and the guard house in flames.

In the centre of the camp lies a large camp fire pit with a roasting pig. Wesley sits himself right down in front of it, he’s just waiting for someone else to mess something up and need rescuing, these plans never work. After a time a man in his late 50s approaches him and asks if the seat next to him was taken. Wesley gestures that it’s fine for him to sit, as he turns to him he notices that this man wears the Barkley colours. The man says he hates the dirty parts of this business. Wesley inquires if he talks about slaving. No, the man hates the business of being noble. There’s a lot of work involved! He has to manage the familys money and manage those of his family who would be foolish. His father didn’t work from a small few hundred acres with only one castle to have him lead the life of managing his peasants and having children who would live off their inheritance and be nobodies! The man continues to talk about war, and how it would probably be good for his lazy kids to have to fight for what they have. Wesley just nods and looks into the fire, clearly this man is a Barkley. After a time the older man gets up and returns to his entourage of guards and servants.

In another corner of the camp, Entany turns herself into the form of a goblin, planning to turn herself over to a guard in hopes that she can cause the other goblins to start a riot. She approaches a guard and says that she was let out for a showing and told to return to a guard and that she would like to be put into a cage. The guard answers this with hit her in the face with a hammer. Another guard appears and they begin dragging her away. Entany apologizes over and over and tries to explain herself. The guards aren’t sure how a goblin can be so well mannered and talk so clearly, but they can’t let it go back to the cages, might start trouble, best to just kill her. As she’s being dragged to the block, Entany tries numerous tricks to get the guards to let her go. She turns one of their gloves into glowing light. Nothing. Creates electric sparks before them. Still nothing. With one last effort she poisons one of the guards. It works but he just thinks he’s getting a cold. They tie her to the block just as the large Orc guard appears. He wants to know what’s happening. Behind him in the distance the guard house begins to smolder. Entany continues to argue for her life to the new guard as Volanna just so happens to walk by. She recognizes the guard as Voldar, a member of her Orcish clan, a clan that left her on the doorstep of a monastery due to her half human nature. Only from revisiting her clans only a few years ago does she know this Orc. As she’s about to argue about what he’s doing here, the guard house erupts into a raging inferno and a horde of goblins come running out from main building causing havoc.

The guards run off to fight and Volanna is left standing at a block with a goblin who talks surprisingly well. Entany tells her what she’s done, and wants to be freed. Volanna makes a few (funny) comments about the situation and breaks the lock off the frame holding her down. Entany returns to her normal self and looks at the scene erupting in front of them. Just then Reginald walks up, and points to the chaos behind him “Look what I did!” credit where credit is due Volanna high fives Reginald before running off to find the old woman she met earlier. Still in her cage, the old woman is surprised to see Volanna walking over to her and ripping the lock off her cage. She thanks her and turns into a frog and hops away.

As the fire continues to rage Blithe spies some men in Barkley colours go into a building, it’s partially on fire but they’ve managed to get the vaults open. Nobody steals gold before Blithe! He sends a blast of energy through the window knocking down burning beams and sets the front door on fire. Trapped, all that can be heard is yelling from the men as the building collapses. Blithe runs off, finds Volanna and convinces her to help him put the fire out so they can collect the money. As Volanna begins to contain the fire with what little elemental powers she has the guards spy them. The run to confront them, at the head of the pack is Voldar. Blithe apologizes, he must kill this Orc. Volanna doesn’t really care, her clan didn’t want her anyways.

Will the entire camp be destroyed? Will the group be able to create their own town free of Kings and corrupt government? Will Tim be able to control his magic this time? Probably not.


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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