Pants Not Required

#12 - Must have been the wind


After acquiring some armour from a kind guard, Wesley and Blithe begin walking towards the slave camp and what they assume is a mess of trouble. Nearing the camp Blithe slips into the shadows as some guards run out from the camp and into the forest. One spots Wesley just standing in the road. The guard, sees Wesley is a nobleman and shouts that he can just go into the camp and await the auction, this is official business that won’t take long.

Blithe and Wesley follow along into the forest, from a ridge they can see a group of guards, their commander and a couple of squires investigating what use to be a camp site. Before the guards can do too much Blithe begins to attack them while hidden in the tree line. With a single attack he nearly downs the Commander of the squad. The group panics, they cannot see their attackers. More shots from the ridge and the Commander is dead, some of the guards can see them, but the squires run, they don’t get paid enough for this!

One by one the guards begin to fall, and one attempts to make his escape by limping away from his attackers. Attempt. Blithe and Wesley close the gap (while killing another guard in the process) and finish the last of the group. After a quick search of their bodies they only find a little gold. From the ground they can clearly see the remains of a fight at the camp site. There are numerous bodies, all already looted. They look mercenary. The trees have damage to them, both from what looks like frost and heavy lightening strikes. On the other side of the camp is a spot that looks like it once had a tent, and a trail leading from the spot and going further into the woods. They follow.

The trail looks like something large was dragged through the bushes, without care of concealing the damage. It leads them to a clearing, within is what they assume is the tent from the other camp and a fire with food cooking over it. It’s quiet. Blithe stays behind as Wesley calls out to the camp. From within the tent pops out Tim, he’s happy to see them! Inside the tent the others are slowly waking, groggy from the lightening damage they suffered from the elemental. Wesley takes the time to disguise the path Tim created by dragging a tent and three party members through the woods. There are plenty of guards in these woods and they didn’t need a direct path to them.

For now the group is reunited. Will they ever learn that splitting the party twice is a terrible idea? Probably not. Better stories that way.


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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