Pants Not Required

#12 - In hindsight, this was a bad idea


Our heroes watch as the city of Dragon Fall burns around them, there is nothing more they can do for it. But even if this city is lost to the dragon hell spawn they must fight to keep it contained! From top of the tower they spot a break in the outer wall, some undead are moving to infect the surrounding area. With hordes of undead starting to amass in the city centre below them our heroes opt for a skyward route. Arabella takes the longest rope they have and lodges it in a building near the outer wall, creating a zip line for our non-flying heroes to descend on.

Bashanu and Bowan take to the flight with ease. Heru has a slight miscalculation and ends up hanging from the side of a building, but is able to get back to the line with the help of owl bear. Null looks to the ground and wishes that the Undying Court would bring her tests of diplomacy instead of acrobatics. Her nerves get the better of her and immediately she begins to fall down the side of the tower. Bane reacts quickly and throws a rope after her, seeing that she is unable to grab hold he drops off the side holding on to the rope in a bid to try and catch her. Nothing helps, Null crashes into the paved city circle, barely conscious and surrounded by undead. Bane is able to land safely next to her and begins to blast the undead backwards. Null struggles to stand up and creates a cloud of darkness to conceal them. They now must make their way to the outer wall on foot. They clear the centre and once Null patched herself up they have no problem finding their way through the streets to meet up with the rest of the group.

Now is the time for fighting, our heroes must hold the undead wave back long enough for the reinforcements from the King to arrive.


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