Pants Not Required

#?? 4 I think - First rule about fight club...


…let me tell you all about it!

The morning arrived. The fighting matches would begin closer to mid day, but many of the fighters started walking well before then. Many of the competitors were clearly seasoned fighters and they kept their space from the others, saving all built up anger and hate for the arena.

Our mismatched team silently sat around the same table eating breakfast preparing for the day ahead. When the bartender Roger had a free moment he joined the group at their table. “I’ve had a good look over the pages you left with me” he said, “and I think I’ve solved most of it.” He laid the pages out on the table, “The first page is a manifest of shipments, many for fairly recent dates, largely made up of gunpowder. The next shipment is to be made tomorrow afternoon. The second is a list of locations, some don’t really exist any more.” He clarified his thoughts when the group looked puzzled, “The locations exist but they are old ports, many subterranean, not in use for a very long time. There also seems to be a legend of sorts for a map, although there was not map in the pages you gave me” Entany glanced around the table and considered for a moment, Roger was a trusted old friend. “Here” she said as she handed him the map “It came with the rest of the pages.” Roger looked over the map, he pointed out that all the locations on the list were there, but it didn’t give any more clues to what it was all for. “There is one final…rather disturbing thing. Here on the last page is a list of names. Out of the ten there are three that are recently deceased. The most prominent name is the Master of Coin, Emmett Ironcorn.” With that Roger went back to tending the bar. The group had to think on this information, and whether or not they would try to sneak around and find this next shipment. But for today, the fights were all the mattered!

The last of the fighters were arriving, including one rather important one. A tough looking dwarf who goes by the nickname “The Club” Not only is this Dwarf the champion of the fighting arena he’s also the guy whom Reginald’s cousin lost his armour too. Seeing this as an opportunity to get his armour back Reginald walks over to the man who’s set himself up on the other side of the bar. “Ser I I demand to speak with you on certain matters” Reginald begins. “Who do you want killed?” Club interrupts. “Wait…Blonde hair, freckles, snobby attitude…you must be a Barkley!” The dwarf laughs at his own comment. "You must be related to that man I got a loverly set of armour off of. Let me guess, the armour is rightfully ‘yours’ " He mocks. “Yes and I wish to have it back!” Reginald puffed out his chest. The Club glared over his drink “You see, the armour looks really great on one of my guys, really brings out his eyes.” Reginald still wasn’t use to dealing with rude folk…or peasants but this was worse, rude peasant folk. Before things got worse, Ser Wesley walked over. “Excuse me gentlemen but I might have a solution. We are both in the fights this afternoon are we not? Then I ‘The boulder’ challenge you to a fight, if I win I gain my friends armour back from you” The Club scoffs" Son, you have to win 7 fights before you’re allowed to challenge me, you know the rules. But I’ll see you inside" He walks away towards the basement door.

It was now midday and the crowd started filing into the basement where a small arena surrounded by wooden stands was located. The general rules were stated to the fighters (with a few objections) and the first match up was set. Wesley “The Boulder” Crusher against a Guardsmen, a man who looked quite meek. The fight begins and it turns out this Guardsmen is quite speedy. Both try to intimidate with some of their best moves right away and end up flailing around. His reflexes are still no match for The Boulder however as he misses his step and is promptly picked up and tossed over head. He stands, wobbly, and tries to rush him, but is easily out manoeuvred and punched in the back of the head. Rough one was done!

During all the chaos Blithe tried to take advantage of a distracted crowd. He attempted to pick pocket a tall muscular elf, but was bumped into him as the crowds moved about. The elf turned around and Blithe motioned to the man next to him to place the blame elsewhere. No luck, he was caught and as punishment he would be entertainment for the crowd. They brought him to the ring and brought out a giant grizzly bear to face him. With nothing more than a wooden spear Blithe faced down the bear in to-the-death combat. It was a fierce battle, with many near death moments, but Blithe came out on top as the victory when he sent the wooden spear through the bears chest.

When round two should have started an interesting thing happened. Wesley re-challenged The Club and to the crowds shock The Club accepted. No weapons, no help, just bare knuckle fighting. Having bet on Wesley, Reginald has gained back more coin than he had brought with him on this venture. He joins Blithe and Entany on bets placed on Wesley to win against The Club. Volanna sits this one out, the nomad life leaves one with little coin, and really the show is enough of a reward. The match starts in Wesley’s favour, The Club has underestimated him, and he makes sure everyone knows it, he taunts and jeers. But the fight soon becomes more bloodied. Wesley is barely hanging on to consciousness, and ever though he keeps landing great hits The Club doesn’t seem to tire much, but only get angrier. Eventually Wesley is knocked out, but The Club is impressed by this fight and as soon as Wesley wakes up in medical (some three hours later) he offers him a job on his mercenary team.

Will the group find out what’s going on with these secret shipments? Will Wesley join the mercs? Will Reginald convince the group to help bring a mercenary company into the city so he can reclaim is lone piece of plate mail armour?. Will the realize there’s nothing keeping them together? Seriously, some of them dislike each other enough.


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