West Alay

Alay is the continent across the sea, the west side of the continent that Sador has begun colonizing is known as the Untamed West. West Alay is mostly desert and Sador has some new colonies over there who are constantly in need of supplies. Sador often hires a great number of freelancers to ferry people and goods across the sea to support their new colonies, they were never able to get a foot hold over the seas until the technology became available so they can be somewhat self sufficient.

West Alay is mostly lawless as the only people there to enforce it are each regions Stewart. Each Steward has a small force of guards to protect a handful of towns in their region. They are mostly spread out so

The desert of West Alay is home to many dangerous creatures and races who are quite accustomed to living in the harsh desert conditions, there are many tribes of Orcs and Minotors who live there both savage and more civilized. Legend also speaks of a strange clan of Elves who live off the land and protect Oasis areas that they deem as sacred ground, no one has ever seen these elves and lived so it’s only assumed that the mutilated and decapitated bodies of the colonists who tread in these Sacred Oasis were left there by these elves, they carve strange symbols in their victims.

The West’s desert has a natural border at a mountain range, but to reach the mountains you need to travel across a lot of desert so not many expeditions have made it all the way there and lived, or managed to return.

Many religions are attempting to settle there as well and found towns and churches on their own. They do not fall under the same jurisdiction as the rest of the colony and run themselves independently.

West Alay

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