The Great Sadoran Empire is an empire that expands and colonizes other countries across the seas and has the strongest known navy in Tembrios.

It all started with the finding of Guildport citadel (built by the Ancient Ones long ago.), and the alliance with the dwarves which lead to the building of the great wall that protected them from any threat and they were able to prosper for thousands of years now.

The ruling class is mostly comprised of humans as they were the race who originally founded the country. Emperor Titus was a part of the original expedition who found Guildport Citadel and founded the country of Sador, how a human has been alive for so long is a mystery. The council has recently expanded to include members of the races who represent different colonies of Sador.

The general population of Sador is mixed races, any race is welcome so long as they keep out of trouble.

Sador has gone through many innovations in just 200 years after they discovered the Vault of Knowledge in a secret room in the citadel. This is where the Ancient Ones recorded and left a great wealth of knowledge which the Sadoran’s with help from the Dwarves have been working on decoding. This has lead to the discovery of taming and using elementals with machines to power them. This lead to the invention of the steam engine, and eventually a printing press. After that the ability to create a lot of steel and other resources relatively easy, the economy flourished, and Sador seems to be on top in the world.

Sador has since decided it want’s to spread its influance across the world and colonize anywhere it can stick a flag in the ground, which is done peacefully most of the time.

The flagship Sador is a steel monster called Kraken’s Bane, it’s the only ship ever made with steel plates and it’s a miracle of artificing, engineering, and magic. It can carry 100 troops and has a crew of 40 not including the 25 elementals used just to run it.


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