This is the largest port city on this side of the continent, and the capital of Sudor. The town is tiered to separate the different classes, lower class, upper class, and the nobles, guild masters, council, and Emperor.

The lower class live in a 3 level district and is closest to the docks, the buildings are all close together leaving very few alleyways. t are mostly built out of stone and not all of them are standing completely straight. The roads are all cobbled but most areas almost completely warn down or too dirty to notice.

This repeats on all three levels as you ascend the main road up the side of the , very wide, well kept, and well guarded as it is the only road that leads to the gate for to the trade district and Upper class level from the docks. You can also find the guild halls and most churches here.

The main road continues through that gate and leads to the entrance for the “third level” the massive Grand Citadel. The Grand Citadel is positioned on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea.

Sudor is an empire that expands and colonizes other countries across the seas and has the strongest known navy in West Tembrios.


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