Nullshalee 'Null' Barrivirr

Drow bard


Level 6 Drow (Cunning) Bard

Bardic Virtue Option: Virtue of Cunning

HP: 48
Speed: 5
Init: 4
AC: 20
Fort: 14
Ref: 17
Will: 20
Surges: 12
Surge Value: 7

Strength: 10 (3)
Constitution: 11 (3)
Dexterity: 13 (4)
Intelligence: 14 (5)
Wisdom: 9 (2)
Charisma: 20 (8)

Passive Insight: 16
Passive Perception: 17

Arcana: 12
Bluff: 13
Diplomacy: 13
Intimidate: 17
Perception: 7

Ritual Caster
Bardic Knowledge
Knife in the Dark
Bard of All Trades

Languages: Common, Elven
Deity: The Undying Court Unknown now

Short bow
Spiritwood Lute
Ritual Book
Glib Limerick
Adventurer’s Kit
Short sword x1

Protect against elements
Create Campsite


Nullshalee Barrivirr lives up to her name, sad artist. She often finds faults and is the first to complain. While being a bit depressing and not good with social skills she is surprisingly talented at uplifting the emotions of others through music. Always opting to being on her own as a youth she taught herself many art forms, eventually focusing on the lute. Her musical ability and grand songs has become widely known and she is respected as a talented bard.

Nullshalee (also known as Null) left the comforts of the Underdark years ago on a hunt for true inspiration. She wanders from city to city learning of the many quirks the races that live upon the land have. While never staying in any one place for long she often writes songs of her time there. As she travels she passes along her experiences to other cities through song, thus painting pictures of the cityscapes for all to imagine. The power of influencing what one city might think of another is quite a responsibility, one cannot simple walk into a city and mislead them into thinking that the cities on the other side of the mountains are run by pirate demons and billy goats. However Null has in the past ‘exaggerated’ a mild confrontation of two business partners into an all out war between tailors and butchers. Only for her own amusement to see what the land dwellers might do. This ‘incident’ has lead many cities to either bathe Null in bribes to have her tell wonderful tales about them, or to out right refuse her stay to avoid any misinformation.

Being only slightly more neutral evil than her kin, Null sees her powers as a story teller as a great way to take more money from the larger gambling cities that want more business to head their way, however she could never bring herself to take such money from a town. Only perhaps ‘borrow’ a few chickens for a meal.

Along her journey Null has grown bored of this continent, and has grown a desire to set sail across the vast waters, a like of which she has never seen due to the Underdark only having an occasional small lake.

Guildport and it’s many ships and crews offer a rare chance to see new parts of the world, hopefully bringing Null closer to her muse.

Nullshalee 'Null' Barrivirr

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