Pants Not Required

#19 - Business Business Business


Wandering the Capital, Wesley finds himself in a district of various temples. Considering his recent run ins with death it’s made himself consider more about his life. Along the street there is a great temple with a mighty hammer above the door. The Temple of Justice. He is greeted by a cleric when he walks in and declares that he wishes to be a Sword of the Faith. The Cleric tells him that Swords of Faith may only carry a sword crafted by the temples blacksmiths. And as it happens the last of them have been stolen. They have a magic tracking system in place but they cannot reach it. It sits in the Silver Bank. The bank that serves all of the Capital, sitting on an island in the bay. If Wesley can retrieve the sword he would prove his worth to the gods of Justice.

He reunites with the rest of the group at the Sleazy Penguin, a quiet bar not three doors down from the Green Dragon. After Reginald returns hauling a beer keg on his shoulder the group discuss their plans for the goal of breaking into the Silver Bank.

In the morning, they also set into motion Reginald’s dream of owning two competing parcel delivery companies. Along with Ser On Ri, Georgy McGuard and Percival they create “Ye Olde Federation Ex” & “United Percival Service” as if on que, Harvey Birdman, “greatest lawyer around” appears. There are a lot of papers to deal with to get these businesses going. The group comes to the conclusion that they can use the excuse of a business loan to get into the bank to get a better idea of what they are dealing with.

Late morning they board a bank owned ferry to cross the bay. In the distance a large windowless building looms. When they arrive on the island they are surprised to see no guards outside, only a single gate that was open. Walking up to the only door they can find, Blithe tries to open it, nothing. He knocks. A flurry of gears and mechanical noises can be heard on the other side of the door. After a moment, the door swings open to reveal the inside of the Silver Bank. The floors and walls are both made of a green stone, polished smooth. There is some light but little else in the room. At the far end of the corridor sits a large table, made of similar stone to the building. At it, was another Aacokkora, his feathers the colours of a magpie. To either side of him were two guards, both armed but not interested in the group currently.

Harvey declares that his clients are in need of a loan for their new business, both of which have proven to make money already. The teller looks at them, considers and says he will collect the loan manager. Once he leaves the group starts to look around, trying to find any weak points. Harvey Birdman is incredibly lawful by nature, but he is also a lawyer. While he stands facing the desk he cannot see or confirm what the rest of the group was doing. They find two doorways, one leads to stairs going up the other down. The teller returns with a young Dwarf, the loan manager. He gestures to them to follow him to the offices upstairs. Passing the other doorway reveals that the stairs going down spiral away into darkness.

The office is bright despite having no windows or obvious light source. Harvey Birdman argues with the loan manager to little effect. The bank will give them the loan in return for 20% of the company and 15% interest on the $10,000. Tomorrow they may return to the bank to investigate the vault in which they will keep all future earnings. There is talk about the security of these vaults, many creatures live in it’s depths protecting investments and savings.

Back outside the group boards another ferry and are surprised to see the ferryman is now the Wind in the Wings himself. Apparently he had to flee Galeforge rather quickly after a band of newly freed Goblins started attacking in the name of war. He finally gives his gift to Reginald, a cape, one to match his armor the group had long wished he had forgotten about. It’s a lovely cape, royal blue and trimmed in fur. Many having forgotten about the gifts he gave them asked again what they might do with them. Wesley resets the watches time. Despite it being reset one of the numbers still points to ‘0’ The Wind suggests that he checks it when he feels trapped. Entany pulls out the blank journal, writes her name and watches as it disappears into the pages. The Wind reminds them again once they reach the shore “Check them when you feel trapped”

Look at all this progress! Will this group plan out a proper bank heist of go straight to it with no plan?


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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