Pants Not Required

#18 - Do you have a reservation?


Right from the gate the group can see that the Capital lives up to its name having all manner of people within it’s walls. The city is large, twice the size of Galeforge, large enough that it has been separated into five rings, each with large gates keeping each section of the city protected. The closer to the centre of the city the richer the area. They begin walking along the city streets and start working their way to the third tier. Along the way the group talk about wanting this new fancy bar more than the other small bar. If they could change the ownership here why not to them instead? Nearing the 3rd tier the group sees a large crowd, all walking in the same direction, there is an air of excitement among them. Our group of misfits follows along, wondering where everyone is headed.

Meanwhile Blithe is pulled off to the side by a mysterious person who asks if he has a dagger for him. When Blithe turns the blood stained dagger over, the figure inspects it, and in the blink of an eye it turns to gold. The gold returned to Blithe and the mysterious character is gone. Within the bag of gold was an address, presumably to The Assassins Guild. Right away he follows the streets along until he finds the Guild. He finds it, it looks like a regular shop. Inside Blithe immediately tries to take a hit out on the Dwarven brothers. Not going to happen. The Richer of the two pays all bounties, and the assassins rather like the younger one. Blithe is invited to take a look at the contracts they have available and is brought down to the basement where a large room is filled with books of contracts. He searches for a time, casually leafing through the pages of various books. All at once he stumbles on two interesting contracts. One for the Hand of the King, the other for Ser Reginald Barkley. Grabbing the two sheets of papers, Blithe returns to the main floor where he signs out the contracts. He steps out onto the street and tries to make his way back to the group.

The crowd has lead the group right where they wanted. The Green Dragon. The Inn/Bar is huge. It’s several storeys tall and spans a couple blocks. The crowd it seems is here to join in the waiting line. At the front of the steps sits an Elf, well dressed and well mannered. He’s turning most people away, asking that they get a reservation for the next time. Just behind the Elf are a pair of tough looking bouncers. One being the second largest Dwarf they have ever seen. Of course the group doesn’t have a reservation, but it doesn’t stop them from trying to get in. First they try to make a big scene that Reginald Barkley has returned to the Capitol. Entany tries to fast talk the other Elf, but to no avail. Only the King can show up uninvited, he has a table to himself but never shows. Next Wesley tries to imitate the Prince,The Wind in the Wings, hoping they could get the Kings table.. While his performance is good it’s not good enough to get past the Elf. Sick of trying foolish things, Volanna makes a reservation for the next night (under the expense of the Barkleys) and she wanders elsewhere looking for a drink. Off to the side of the Bar, The Prince can be seen going in a side door with his entourage of guards and servants.

Reginald makes one last attempt, bypassing the Elf and going straight for the door. He’s stopped by the Dwarven guard of course. He asks, and demands that he be let in. When that fails he offers the guard a good share in his new goods delivery business (that he hasn’t started yet) The Dwarf ponders, and then agrees, provided his lawyer approves. He lets Reginald inside as he goes to fetch his lawyer (who is also his brother.)

The Green Dragon is an impressive sight. Four floors are dedicated the bar alone. At the main bar on the first floor Reginald can see a very rich Dwarf having a good time, chatting with the patrons. Clearly the owner. In the background, Hugh Jackman has his own table, apparently he is actually very popular.

Reginald sits down and doesn’t receive his first drink by the time the guard returns with his brother. The Lawyer brother sits down with a decent sized book. The Contract. He begins speaking in heavy lawyer talk and Reginald tries to talk his way out of giving away too much of his new company (that could make him MILLIONS!) Suddenly a small Aarakocra dressed in a suit appears. “OBJECTION! Ok what am I objecting too?” Harvey Birdman is a long time Lawyer of the Barkleys. Luckily for Reginald he happened to be near by. He reads over the contract and secretly works away for Reginald to sign it but not have to give up the delivery company. At no point did he state what the company was to the Dwarves. After some more legal talk, Reginald was free to wander about. Upstairs he could see a large group of Royal Guards. The other Prince must be up there. Really wanting to meet his hero and savior, Reginald runs upstairs. The guards won’t let him pass here either, so Reginald tries to bargain with information about the other twin Prince. He gives some information to the guard and he leaves to talk to someone, maybe the Prince. Reginald waits for some time, when the guard returns it’s clear that the Prince has left. The guard wants to hear the rest of what he knows, Reginald refuses, only wanting to talk to the Prince himself. The guard gives in and tells him that the The Prince left a message, he would meet with Reginald tomorrow at his Royal Chambers to discuss what he knows of his twin.

Will the others actually get into the bar? Will they remember their reservation? Will Reginald tell all of their plans to the Prince? Probably. Whatever, Yay sleep over!


AndrewDupe GiggleLam

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