Pants Not Required

#16 - I did it!


Reginald and Volanna descend into the tunnels, winding their way along the path. When they reach where the path splits they hear a commotion to their right. Assuming that must be it, they charge into the shadowy corridor.

Still holding up, Wesley stabs his blade into the vampire’s side. Although it was a deep wound the vampire merely cracks his neck again, his wound seems to heal slightly. Taken back from this sight, Wesley leaves himself vulnerable for just a moment, enough time for the vampire to sinks its teeth into his neck. Not a moment later does Reginald come charging out of the entrance to the room and attacks the vampire from behind. He actually hits him. While the fighting continues, Volanna finds Entany collapsed in the entrance and feeds her a newly brewed health potion. Once she has awoken Volanna uses Reginald as a distraction to run in and pick up Blithe from the floor. The length of this battle has caught up to Wesley, he falls to the vampire after a final slash of its claws. Blithe has since awoken and has stolen a potion from Volanna before she realizes. Back into the fight he and Reginald keep attacking. Entany tries to attack from the entrance way, and when that fails she retreats back up the tunnel system, fearing that the others may fall soon. Volanna, not wanting to be just the healer, launches a fist of air towards the vampire. The power behind the attack is enough to turn the vampire to dust and have him scatter in the unnatural winds. Reginald is knocked off his feet due to close proximity to the attack and Wesleys unconscious body is sent flying into the opposite wall. Once everything settles down all the torches in the room are relit, the vampires darkness no longer covering them.

The oddities were not quite over for the group. On the far side of the wall a door bursts open. Running in as a man in a cloak, wielding two hand crossbows. He introduces himself as Hugh. Hugh Jackman. Worlds greatest vampire hunter. He had heard there was a vampire in these parts. The group silently point to the scattered piles of dust on the floor, Hugh nods in return and leaves the way he came.

Entany returns and immediately begins knocking on the random doors in the room, looking for some explaination of what had happened here. One in particular was locked. She sets it ablaze and once it burns down it reveals a storage room, full of books and research equipment, mostly likely arcanic in nature. She begins studying the nearest journal. It’s an account of a wizard who was studying something in these tunnels, from what she can gather it appears that the vampire was this very researcher before something in his studies clearly went wrong.

Blithe silently slips out to the tunnels and follows the gold trail where he had last left off. Back down where he toyed with Lord Barkley’s men, was a room nearly empty of the gold that was once there. Upon the stairs was one of the guards. He was breathing heavily, the colours of his knight armour stained red from his wounds. Knowing he was never spotted by these guards, Blithe goes to talk to the man. He is Ser On Ri. A slightly older knight from the Northlands who had pledged his allegiance to the Barkleys sometime ago. An allegiance that clearly has no meaning to Lord Barkley who had left him behind when he could not keep up. This knight has quite the sense of humour and he and Blithe joke about some of the other lords while Blithe helps him walk back to Volanna for healing.

The group is getting ready to head out of the cavern system when Blithe arrives with the injured Ser On Ri. After his wounds are healed he notices that Reginald is trying to hide behind the others. He goes and kneels before the young lord and tells him of his Uncle Charles unfortunate death. No one is quite sure what happened but it was a tragic finding. Reginald jokes about how really his uncle probably deserved it, he was quite the undesirable person. Surprisingly the knight agrees, and they share in some jokes and memories of the family.
After a time Reginald leaves, clearly wanting no more to do with a personal knight of his father. He travels back to the surface to find that in an afternoon the golbins have created a democracy and have voted a mayor. It was a close call, the top contenders being Tim, Daisy the horse, Volanna and Sven the cowardly golbin. Ultimately they voted Tim to be there new mayor. Tim is rallying his people. Talks of building a new goblin empire, and this being the start of a new age for anyone who has suffered at the hands of slavers. Afterwards Reginald congratulates Tim, and while they walk Tim says that he must stay with his new town but gives Reginalds a bell to summon his help whenever they need it. He also declares that Reginald is the first ambassador of goblins to the kingdoms of men.

Wesley meanwhile is interested in this random vampire hunter that left as suddenly as he had shown up. Both he and Blithe decide to follow through the door after him. There are two sets of stairs not far behind the door, one leading up to the surface and the other leading down into the depths of the earth. There are noises drifting up from the lower stairs, and they of course, follow them. The stairs lead to a large open room, with many small chambers leading off of it. There are numerous doors around the room and at one of them they spy Hugh. He is trying to unlock a large wooden door by force and it isn’t quite working. Wesley walks over and mentions that his friend, as he gestures over to Blithe, could open the door if he wanted. He also mentions that their group could use another fighter, they were always finding their way into trouble, or finding mysterious things no one has seen in generations. This is enough to convince Hugh to join with them, he had no clear goal after this vampire,and truth be told he needed a new way to make his fortune. Out of curiousity, Blithe opens the large wooden door. What was there was unexpected.


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