Pants Not Required

#15 - Vampires & Knights (Sounds like a bad romance novel)


Wesley asks again. “What are you?” The Elven looking man stares and replies “Your undoing” without a move all the torches that were lit are extinguished. Wesley cooly takes a torch from his pack, careful to keep an ear out for anything near by. He lights the new torch, he can’t see anything within the ten foot radius around him, he moves to a wall and relights one of the torches, still nothing. He relights the torches one by one, occasionally seeing something from the corner of his eye. He hears something on the ceiling, without hesitation his left eye glows and he launches a fireball towards the sound. From the light he can’t see his target but he can see that there are a number of other doors in the cave, some standard size and others meant more for goblins. Growing bored, Wesley shouts insults into the dark, tempting what he now believes is a vampire to finally drop to the ground. In the shadowy cave they fight, Wesley’s skills with sword and shield are a tough fight for the vampire who can’t seem to land a significant hit. Another fireball catches on the dusty slave clothing of the vampire forcing it to skitter back into the darkness and return to the ceiling. Wesley unleashes more magic in the form of a thunderous wave, like previous times he’s done this it creates a sound that can be felt for miles.

Above ground shockwaves tremble the camp grounds. While Volanna brews some healing potions, Entany tries to rally the goblins. She sets up an empowered speech, talking about taking what’s theirs, helping create a town from the rubble, and to finally be free! But with Tim mocking her in the background only a few really pay attention. Some goblins stir and nod, but when she tells them to follow her into the tunnels only one steps forward. Entany and this small goblin Sven, trek down into the tunnels. Reginald in the meantime has more important dealings, like becoming the campaign manager for Tim’s election for Mayor of the unnamed town.

Some time ago Blithe went into the tunnels while no one was looking. He followed some paths and when he came to the cross roads, took the path with more foot prints. It was likely that Lord Barkely and his men had gone this way with the gold. It wasn’t long before he could hear the voices. From around the corner he could see four very well armed knights and Reginald’s father. Near them was the gold they had taken from the vaults. With his target sighted, Blithe begins taking the group out. First, distracting a few by tossing a stone further down the path, two knights leave. Blithe sends a bolt of light at the remaining two, one drops to the ground dead and Blithe runs back up the tunnel. Near the cross roads he hides in the shadows. Lord Barkley and his remaining knights backtrack to find who attacked them. At the same time Entany and Sven were walking down the tunnel, fortunately they spotted the knights before they were spotted. Sven ran as fast as he could away from these slave owners. Entany has just enough time to change herself to look like a Barkley guard. As Lord Barkley turns the corner he’s faced with a guard he doesn’t recognize. Confused he asks where the hell they’ve been. Entany comes up with a quick lie, she was hiding during the riot and first chance she got she came down the tunnels. She warns them that the surface is chaos and they have to turn back. This story works well, Lord Barkely turns to his other knights and tells them to head back. He warns her that if she follows them, they’ll kill her. Entany keeps up appearances and acts terrified, that if they leave she’ll be in danger again. They ignore her and turn to leave. Being the bugger he is, Blithe kills another Knight as they walk down the tunnel. Thinking it was Entany, the remaining knights turn around and chase after her. Entany turns and runs down the other tunnel path, as the knight ran past him, Blithe begins his chase.

As they near the entrance to the cave where Wesley is fighting, Blithe catches up, unsheathing his flame sword he cooks one of the knights brain. And suddenly these two fights have become intertwined. In the chaos the Knight takes his aggression out on Entany who still looks like a Barkely guard. To protect herself she creates a collection of illusions that mimic her movement. While Wesley still easily deflects most attacks, Blithe occasionally sends incredibly powerful attacks towards the vampire. The knight meanwhile finally gets the upper hand and knocks Entany out cold, her illusions and disguise both break. The Vampire turns to Blithe and speaks the Dwarven word for ignite. The flame of Blithe’s sword goes out and won’t reignite when he speaks the word again. In this distraction the vampire bites Blithe and he falls.

On the surface Volanna senses something isn’t right. She would bet her few gold coins that the elf was in trouble again. She gathers her potions and tells Reginald to ready for a fight. They descend into the tunnels.

Splitting the party is the only thing this group enjoys doing.


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